Darwin's Dilemma - coming soon


Hahaha… why do I get the feeling this is going to be full of ridiculous assertions?

Besides, going back that far in time is hardly even dealing with Darwin, as he simply suggested that Natural Selection was the force behind evolution (A concept understood even a hundred years before Darwin was born) and geology itself was just starting up as a science during his time. The title itself says that this probably doesn’t even understand the basics of what it intends to discredit.

Hey that’s pretty good… using criticism without content to condemn what you think might be criticism without content. So much for critical evaluation.

Perhaps he’s going on past experiences. No-one to date, has argued even remotely effectively against evolution, and every attempt has been filled with psuedoscience and nonsense.

Forgive the skeptic, for becoming a cynic. It happens :slight_smile:

Who would want to argue against evolution? One can believe that God created through evolution. God and evolution can co-exist just fine unless you are an evangelical Christian.

Amen :wink:

One day, somebody is going to find Noah’s Ark, and all the atheists will be shocked…

Which reminds me, people were looking for it one time. Among the group was a skeptic. Well, as fate would have it, they *did *find something. The skeptic tried to burn it with his matches, but couldn’t because the wood was petrified (and his matches were soaked from the snow.)

He denied it for years, but on his deathbed he admitted it was true.

This one time I heard from this guy that another guy did this thing, and it’s totally true.

I saw a documentary on them looking for the Arc. They claimed they found it, and brought back nothing but a blurry picture of some dark stuff down an embankment at a distance of about 1 mile. It’s like the religious version of bigfoot.

Well, how will anyone know an old boat belonged to Noah?

I really hope they do find a massive ark somewhere on Mount Ararat. I don’t believe it is going to happen, but who am I to say they shoudn’t look?

It would be the one with the dragon and unicorn skeletons in it. :smiley:

You guys are so critical. As soon as somebody on cable TV announces they have found Noah’s Ark, it must true. Atheists can pack up their bags and go home – Booyah! That’s what TV is for: to tell us the truth about the world.

Now I’m off to work on my Thigh-Master, so I can have massively strong thighs in thirty minutes or less… :wink:

A while ago I watched a special on PBS concerning dragons.

I think this is it: The Dragon Chronicles

Fairytales? You decide…

I was at a screening of a new fil about Darwin called “Creation.” It is beautifully filmed, and while it has problems, it presents an intriguing look at the matter of religious faith and scientific practice.


Indeed… Darwin was always a bit torn. Ironically, his trip around the world was with a sea captain that was devoutly religious and on a mission specifically to prove that creationism was true. He didn’t publish his full findings for quite a while because if the fear of personal attacks - He actually ended up doing a slightly joint-release of his work with another scientist in China which came to many of the same conclusions doing work there. The important distinction though is that evolution was already understood and accepted. Darwin simply said that it was through random mutation and natural selection instead of God, and later then published a paper saying humans were prone to the same thing (which really ticked off the clergy).

Like a lot of science, he made a breakthrough but wasn’t entirely right. If you want to know a lot more about the history behind it, there is a great book about this and the history behind just about every other field of science:


For a Catholic perspective, see Catholicism and Science,


In the past, Leonardo-Da-Vinci told you evolution. He was nut.
In the past, **Galileo **told the church the earth is a ball-like structure. He was burnt.

One day, you will believe in me.

By the way, the Church is regretted to tie up and burnt Galileo.

God Bless.

Teru Wong

“I am regretted.”, I heard someone.
I will not be the next. I have the promises from her.

I would like to make something clear to the atheists out there who are looking for “proof” of God or of Christianity:

Christianity teaches us to live by* faith*, meaning that God will not have proof that will completely satisfy a person.

Just know this: That if Christianity is the truth, that means God wants us to live by faith, and if God wants us to live by faith, you will never 100% know in* this* life.

In other words, if Christianity is true, you’ll never “know” it.

If that’s the case, what basis is there to choose between Christianity and competing religions?

Galileo was not tied up and burnt by the Church, he died naturally. :cool:

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