Data on Gay Parenting?


Can anyone point me to a good, scholarly scientific research piece regarding the outcomes of gay parenting?

I predict that conclusions in said piece will show that children suffer from “gay parenting” but I suppose I won’t put the cart before the horse.


I don’t know about other countries, but in the United States adoption by same-sex couples (where neither are the biological parent) is a fairly recent thing. New Jersey was the first state to allow it, in 2007. Many states did not allow it until 2010 or 2012. That’s simply not enough time to conduct a scientifically rigorous study of the impact on kids.

It will take another twenty years or so to begin to assess the outcome of this social experiment.

I wish we could forget about homosexuality for ten minutes.


Same here, I feel like it is being shoved down my throat every other minute by the secular world whether it is in the news or in the shows I watch and then when I go to the Catholic websites to get away from it is still being discussed

There are a few links in this article, Replies to “gay marriage” arguments, under the subhead Children raised by “married” gay couples…

Guys, I’m totally sorry about bringing this sort of thing up yet again.

Yes, I too have experienced fatigue at hearing about sexual issues such as on Catholic Radio.

Maybe that’s an aspect of sexuality that we have to recover from before the Fall. Maybe we’re not supposed to talk about it that much.

A blog article with links to several studies on what the adult children of gay parents think about same sex marriage:

Here is an article with embedded links. I just read it this morning Feb 11, 2015.

New Research on Same-Sex Households Reveals Kids Do Best With Mom and Dad

Paste this into your browser:

I don’t have the links handy, and my internet is messing up right now so it’ll take too long to find them. I know there are some articles on which include the results of studies and usually they cite the study so you can google it later.

The other great resource is They have lots of articles and research on a variety of topics including homosexuality.

There is a link to pdf on the right.

As for infamous Mark Regnerus’s “research”, well, it doesn’t deal with children raised by same-sex couples at all. might be of interest.

It suffers from practically the same flaws as Regnerus “study”.

Paul Sullins, a Catholic priest and sociology professor at Catholic University of America.

I mean, really?

Really, what?

You mean because he is a Catholic priest and, therefore, his study MUST be flawed?

You do understand that is a fallacy, correct? AND prejudiced against Catholic priests.

As if pro-homosexual studies are the only ones that could possibly be true. Which is just as prejudiced as saying those by Catholic priests must be false.

Why not get down to the real issues and show what is actually wrong with the studies rather than blithely dismiss them BECAUSE you happen to think they are wrong or disagree with the results.

That would require actual thinking and case-making rather than mere rhetoric, and would need, I suppose, some expended effort.

It is the very attitude of letting the issue kept under the carpet for the past centuries that coursed the social systems of the most if not all parts of the world to Remain in the dArk about a sexuality that has existed for centuries, and unfortunately the church joined in, in Forgetting the homosexuality issue for a few minutes , till now as it has erupted out off control at this current Age… There’s more to be said and keeping in mind that homosexuals are people as well and FEEL WHO THEY mAy BE not think whom they are. hormones make a person feel noT think.

Talking about it is the first and most important therapy to people that has wild hatred against homosexuals, as people too…

It is an obsession. It’s all some Catholics want to talk about.


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