Date set for final meeting in SSPX-Rome Dialogue talks

Rorate Caeli has an article here regarding the fact that a date has been set for a final meeting between the SSPX and Rome at which the canonical situation of the society will be discussed. I’m sure everyone will join me in prayer that the meeting will lead to the normalisation of relations between Rome and the Society :smiley:

No polemic’s please, regardless of our opinions on the society I am sure we can all agree that the normalisation of relations would be good for all involved :thumbsup:

I’ll be praying for regularization and the softening of hearts. :signofcross:

Canticle Of Canticles (Song Of Solomon)

Chapter 6:. [8] One is my dove, my perfect one is but one, …


I am not going to enter in polemic but I am not going to be optimistic.
I know little but enough about the movement. But I went to their site, honestly.
It is here: click
There was a huge mistake about the Consecration of Russia
I found the review of a book on World Youth Day (WYD) that quoted:

The spirit of WYD consists of a glorification of youth that Cornelia Ferreira describes as “Peter Pan syndrome,” which encourages “extended adolescence, irresponsibility and immaturity—the lifestyle of Peter Pan” ( p.77)

I had enough…Many freinds of mine are there and does Cornelia know them?

First, obey the Pope that is what every catholic does, afterwards dialogue. Now, it seems that it is first “dialogue” (if not criticize which its site is full of) and then (if they are pleased) obey?

I pray for unity but they must do something and obey. Otherwise …

I don’t see the point of this post except to bash the SSPX.

Of course they will need to agree to some terms to enter full communion. If they don’t it won’t happen.

You can either pray for full communion or not. Or maybe you’d rather pray for excommunication. :shrug:

Along with obedience should come trust in the Church. Do you trust the Church’s competence to deal with this issue ?

Anything we say for or against the SSPX means nothing at this point. The Curia isn’t asking our opinions. We just need to pray for unity, as it’s the Catholic thing to do.

I’ll definately pray for a reconciliation. I have fond memories of the SSPX and wish them well.

I will pray for the talks as well as y’all. I am hopeful and anxious as well. I do have a question though as well. I keep hearing the words “full communion”, so to me this implies a “partial communion.” So what is “partial communion” with Rome?

Yes you did. Perhaps you should start your own thread if you want to go off on a tangent.

I will be in prayer with you guys on this. I know that this is an issue very dear to many of you, as it is to other Catholics through out the world. There is nothing but good that can come from reconcilliation and nothing but evil that can from seperation. May the pride on both sides be set aside, and may both sides be willing to find common ground so that this wound may be healed, even if this is but the first step.

I haven’t seen anyone post the day. It is September 14th. I would hope that those who have spoken against some of the actions and ideas of the SSPX, as I have, will join me in being equally passionate about their good.

I don’t know what the official Latin term is for it, but it means that they have all the privileges of Catholic laymen (receive communion, confess, etc.) but are not free to exercise any clerical function (at least not publically) because they have no canonical standing through their bishops who have no canonical standing. Note, however, they are valid bishops and priests. When their canonical standing has been determined, individually or as a group, then “full communion” of the clerics will have been achieved.

The SSPX if returned to full communion could be a great help the Church. Let us pray for reconciliation!

Wouldn’t hurt to ask the intercession of St Philomena the Wonder Worker on this one :wink:

Or Beatus Ioannes Paulus Magnus! He’ll know exactly what to do.

Cardinal Levada

Bishop Fellay

Wouldn’t hurt since we are praying for a miracle :slight_smile:

Well, I bashed the SSPX? I was surprised for the attacks on the Pope they held on their site. Agree on to agree “to some terms”?. No. Obedience to the Pope and to the Community is fundamental point. Period.

No. I do not pray for excommunication (And i do not know the intention of this sarcasm! Do you realize what you said?). I have prayed and I pray for communion. No one is going to excommunicate SSPX but themselves running out of the Church.

Still praying for Unity, of which SSPX is a tiny part: the Protestant and the Orthodox are great ruptures in Christ’s garments.

Yes, I trust Church’s competence to deal with these issues.
The Curia did not ask my opinion neither I intend to give it as I am incompetent in this issue. But it seems there is an exchange of opinions he…

OK, maybe I am in a tangent, I will never begin a thread about the subject but I went to the site and what I saw was appalling, according to what I see the needs for reunification.

But I will stop here and pray for reunification.

God Bless.

What you are talking about is a lack of ordinary jurisdiction. But communion is not full or paritial. A person or group is either in communion with Rome or not, but not partially.

I think that there are several things to consider here.

As someone said, the Church is not asking our opinion on the matter. At this venture, what the rest of us want is irrelevant to the Cardinal Levada, who is the one who will be making the final recommendation to the Holy Father. Cardinal Levada is not one who can be intimdated with the threat that “we’ll leave”. He wants unity, but he does not yield to that kind of pressure. He is very faithful to the Holy Father. He will demand whatever the Holy Father wants.

When a reconciliation does come, there will be a shism. There are certain SSPX priests and at least one bishop who will not submit until they have converted Rome. That’s like painting yourself into a corner. Everyone has to be willing to come part of the way.

The restoration of canonical status is going to come with conditions. The bishops of the SSPX will either be isolated in some structure just for the SSPX unless they agree to join their brother bishops in the mainstream.

I agree that the SSPX can do a great deal of good, but they will have to make some sacrifices.

We have to pray that this and other things that may go down, will happen smoothly and with great charity.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

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