Date setting justifications, need help with response

there been some hard objections the date-steers of the end of the world had posted

also they say Jesus meant the old covenant and the new covenant says we can predict it because he ascended into heaven

All I know is that if Tomorrow comes, the End of the World will be one day closer. Repent!

But to answer the title of your thread, why do you need to respond to this argument? Mama says “It takes a fool to argue with a fool.” Not sure there’s a good reason to join this particular battle.

well they say our rebuttals fulfill the prophecy by being the “scoffers” and their websites often sound so convincing sometimes it frightens me

It’s interesting researching this stuff. But, no matter how solid facts are portrayed on these sites, only God the Father knows the time and hour.
Ancient Aliens is interesting. Even the Vatican has seroious study w the most powerful telescope over all. A scientist priest wrote an article that the EXTRATERESTIAL IS MY BROTHER. The Pope Benedict XVI stated God created all Galaxies and creations. Shape doesn’t matter.
Prophecies must center end times ideas AROUND JERUSALEM. Nero is the first 666.
Hitler definitely was an anti-Christ but NOT THE AntiChrist. Jerusalem factor missing.
Now, Trump stated he will support Israel’s move of capital from TelAviv to Jerusalem.
Israel postpone move.
A totally RED BULLmust be born. Israel’s proohetic notes.
High Proests are suppose to be trained in animal blood sacrifices.
The Temple must be rebuilt on rock. That is a little time, away off.
Now, theoretically, it was 2000yrs from creation to Abraham. 2000yrs from Abraham to Moses and 2000yrs to Jesus and 2000 yrs to second coming. Well, we’re off cycle there a little.
Now, coincidentally, the Muslims had s prophecy: WHEN ALL ARAB STATES ARE IN A
STATE OF UPROAR.(the Arab Spring). The 12 th Prophet, or the great Mahadi, will appear snd form a Caliphate all over the Earth. ISIS! So, Jesus coming again could be on a path.
You don’t want one world order or currency. EUROPEAN UNION AND EURO DOLLAR.
Google 12 th Prophet. Google end time prophecies.
in Jesus name.

This page is suppose to be prayers. Questiobsbto Apologetics or private email.
So, God the world keeps turning. Tim changes. Your word guides us. Give us your Wisdom. Let us feel Your love. Comfort us w Your Holy Spirit.
In the last days, there will be false prophets. Satanism is on rise. Who would have thought Wiccans have returned. I like Ancient Aliens and think there is truth there. But, stay alert about false prophets.
Thank you, Lord, for loving us. We need your help in so many ways. There is a time that know of, where more souls are saved. Tary if you must. But, come Lord Jesus come. Mercy,
For all, not judgement.
in Jesus name

:thumbsup: Never argue with trolls. They will drag you down to their level and defeat you with their experience.


Plus, it encourages the wackos

these guys just keep making me nervous, is there anyone here who could refute their date setting


The Bible it says

God the Father is the only one to know when. And we should all be ready. That means we should be tending our souls , nourishing them in the great Garden of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.

Therefore, no creature can know. It stands to reason speculation

No one knows.

God said no one can know.

End of story.

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