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I've been on a few dates with a girl, we've seemed to have hit it off pretty well. We both attend weekly mass alone at different parishes. My question is, at what stage of the relationship should we start going to church together? I would hate to rush things, but honestly, I always feel a little strange attending Mass by myself.


:confused: Why do you have to wait for a certain "stage" of relationship for that? Isn't that a nice thing to do, right off the bat? (Going to mass with a friend??)


I think I agree with the above poster. Going to mass together isn’t really a “stage” thing.


I say just go for it. There really isn't a specific time when you should start going to Mass together. Start off by offering to go to Mass with her at her parish and afterward you two could go get some lunch or coffee. My fiance and I do that a lot. It makes for a very relaxing Sunday.


I used to go to Mass all the time with this one boy from my circle of friends and we were never in any sort of dating relationship at all. I think he was tired of going to Mass alone so he would sometimes tag along with my family and I.

Go and ask her. I agree that this really isn't a "stage". My sisters were attending Mass with their current boyfriends from the very beginning.


Jesus,our Lords peace be with You.
My dear friend. There is no rule that says when You can take Your girlfriend to Mass,You can go together at any time. I hope she is the "right" one,and there will come a day when You take your children to mass. May The God Lord bless You.


I once went to mass with a girl as part of our first date! Go for it, it’s a blessing to be able to share that with anyone.


Just what I was thinking… It could have been your first date. :wink:


I never thought going to mass togather was a big event. You picked up your date on Saturday night, went to church then went out to eat or to the movies. It was just part your weekend.


attending Mass together is not a date
going out to breakfast afterward and on to recreational activities for the rest of the day might be, but not Mass.

you attend Mass together when it is convenient for you to do so because of shared transport, or any other reason, or because you plan to spend the rest of the day together, or simply because you are two Catholics who want to share this as well as other aspects of life that are important to both of you.


I think it’s a great thing to do! As fellow Catholics (not even boyfriend and girlfriend) going to Mass together is always better. :slight_smile:


I concur with the other posts. There is no rule or stage when to go to Mass together. It is very good things to do. Go for it :).


How about asking her if she would like to go to Mass, then out to dinner (after Sat. vigil) or brinch (after Sunday Mass). Let her choose whether to go to her parish or yours…OR visit a different parish together (maybe an parish with a great choir or the local Cathedral or a campus parish…just something differnt).

After this, you can bring up attending together on weekends from that point forward. You will be able to gauge, I think, whether she would like to do so. In the mean time, going one Sunday would be nice.



First date -

1) I can tell the posers from the non-posers

2) If temptation starts to become a problem later remember first date... :o


I’m with everyone else. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to Mass together and I definitely encourage it!

Give her a call! If you’re both going alone it will give you someone to go with and you can grow together in faith AND your relationship - there’s no more beautiful thing on this earth!!!


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