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So, DH and I are on a “spending freeze” right now and have agreed to not spend anything that is not necessary - that includes going out on dates. We have plenty of fun watching movies and playing board games and making romantic dinners, but that’s about as far as my ideas go.

I need some creative things to do together at home that are relatively inexpensive or don’t cost anything. They don’t have to be romantic - just fun things to do together. :slight_smile:

One of our favorite dates at home is a foreign movie and food to match. Depending on your movie collection and pantry, that may cost some money though.

For board games, maybe invite another couple over. Makes playing a lot of games more fun.

Outdoor things like a hike or sledding. And then some nice hot chocolate after.

Reading to each other. Old classics, poetry, even plays–doing all the different voices is hilarious.

Personally and nice dinner and conversation just the 2 of us is enough. :wink:

Unless this would cause a divorce, as it would in some marriages, find a small home project that doesn’t cost a lot to do (or anything, since you on a freeze) and do it together. Even something like cleaning the basement or garage and then planning a nice reward meal afterward is fun if you make an event out of it and not a chore.

Sounds like fun to me! Home dates are so much nicer than going out dates to me anyway. :smiley:


Oh!! This just made me think of something my mom and step-dad do all the time because they are MAJOR movie freaks. They will rent two versions of the same movie and watch them both and then discuss the differences - for example, the Franko Zeffireli version of Romeo and Juliet along with the 1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a movie fest, but with a twist! :slight_smile:


Well, when we were dating we would take drives in the car, and perhaps get a bagel and coffee. Not expensive. You could make the coffee at home and still go out for a drive.

Saturday afternoon dates are also nice, go to a park and take a walk if it’s not too cold.

You can go to a book store and look around, Or the libraries are fun and sometimes they might have a lecture or film on a Saturday afternoon.

Have a picnic in your living room.

Go visit a museum or conservatory.

Have a sing-a-long.

Take a bubble bath…

Pull out family movies or pictures, create an album if you haven’t already.

Well, since you are in Chicago, look up all the free entrance days/times for the museums, zoo, and other cultural sites around the city. Just Google “free things to do chicago”. I don’t know if you are trying to limit it to “at home” but there are so many cool things to do there, and many are free… and many would be good for the whole family.

I don’t know your personalities, but if you like junk/antique shopping (without buying, just going and looking around at outdoor fairs) look up the Kane County Fairgrounds-- they have a big flea market on a regular basis in the spring/summer/fall, and their own website… it’s not too far NW of you, depending on where in Chicago you are.

What about projects you can do together like organizing family photos, hanging those shelves you never got around to installing, etc.? Maybe DH wouldn’t find that “fun”… ha!

Different movie/food themes are a good idea, as someone else mentioned already. The food network has some fun shows geared more for adults, like Paula’s Party-- DH and I watch that sometimes and then we try some of the recipes.

I second the album- making, or along that line. Even if you’re not particularly crafty ( I’m not) it’s so nice to have pictures organized and labelled neatly, chronologically, of your wedding, family, babies. Or if you have a friend/parent’s birthday or anniversary coming up you can make a scrapbook or laminated calendar (laminating at a copy place is not too expensive). Another option would be to make your own cards for people by buying the blank cards and decorating them. Get scrapbooking stuff, stickers, cards, etc at the dollar store, I’m amazed at what is in those places.

FH and I usually rent or play games with another couple, go skating for free at City Hall, or I force him to do wedding stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun!

How about learning something? Go to the library and get a book on something that interests you both - Italian or bird watching or Oragami.

Thanks for all your replies thus far! Please, keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

The foreign movie and dinner sound fun! I think we’ll try that one.

Lots of projects around here need to be done…so, maybe we’ll get some of those things done together :).

DH gets into museums, etc. for free in Chicago…it’s just a matter of getting ourselves there with the baby. Once the weather gets warmer, it will be a lot easier.

I already do lots of crafty things - unfortunately, DH has no interest in them. Usually, while I’m working on them, he’s on the computer playing video games. He did help me make my friend’s card holder for her wedding, though, and thoroughly enjoyed that.

Good ideas! :smiley:

I REALLY like this one! In fact, DH is tutoring tonight at the library, so maybe afterwards, we can get a book together. :smiley: I love libraries :).

do you have something you have been putting off, like sorting photos and getting them in albums? clipping and filing magazine articles? sorting and storing videos and DVDs?

what about a take-off on one of the DIY shows like trading spaces - each of you decorate a room on a limited budget (like under $10) with just what you have on hand or can scrounge.

clean sweep, each choose a particular space to clean and organize

DD and her then fiance, now SIL, invented and designed board games and sold them at shows when they were poor college students looking for good date activities.

found art contest - kids can join too
as an outgrowth of the clean sweep type activity a basket or bag of junk for each contestant. have a set time limit to come up with a sculpture (or mechanical invention) using the found objects in your bag. winner gets to keep one of the items he owns that was in the “toss” pile after the clean sweep.

my oldest daughter and her hubby and kids would never have to leave the house to find fun, as they create elaborate betting games based on just on televised football, but every televised sport imaginable, with goofy rules and prizes, seeds, “playoffs” etc. For instance on Nascar you pick an advertiser and get points everytime a car or driver with your company’s logo appears according to preset rules (lap leader, on an interview etc).

in this house, if you tried those DIY activities together you would end up killing each other or divorced, but as a competition with teams and idiotic prizes, it works for us

if you have kids in scouts, try to invent goofy merit badges, with requirements, activities, tests, badge design etc, and then hold races to see who earns his badge fastest.

My dh would love this! And it would be the act of a very, very, very nice wife to sit through the same movie twice with him! :stuck_out_tongue:

Spring is coming, but even in the winter it is fun to start planning a garden. Whether you want to do vegetables or flowers, it’s nice to map it all out and then for next to nothing you can by the seeds and start growing them indoors by the window. I have spent many winter’s nights drawing out garden plans. I like being able to look forward to Spring and getting out there in the garden.

Take the free classes they offer at Home Depot and Lowe’s-- you know “how to tile” or “how to faux paint”. They always have those on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wow - now that is a fabulous idea.

My fiance is big on going to open houses around our town. Our goal ( kidding of course) is to see every house in our town ( about 35,000) before we die. Though we are in the market for a house anyway - just usually no the houses we look at. :smiley:

It can be fun and interesting.

Are you out of your mind? My honey do list is already big enough. My wife thinks I can fix anything. Tonight, I am taking apart the dryer to replace a blower fan. O boy, break out the good wine.

Local Little Theatre? Join up and be part of the production or crew!

awe sweet. Then you probably can. But I’d have to place the blame on you then, because you acted capable.:smiley:

Let’s take dishes for example. If someone hates loading the dishwasher, they may take a bold approach and load it really poorly so the other spouse says - ahhhh forget about it. I’ll do it myself.

**That case - you are both capable and honest.:cool: **

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