Dates of St Joseph Novena


I was wondering what the dates of the Saint Joseph Novena were.

If I went to the vigil last night, does that “count” for today. Can I start it tomorrow? Our church doesn’t do a specific St Joseph Novena so this would be an independent one.



I think it starts today ago I got a email reminder a few days and it said it would start on the tenth of March.


A novena lasts nine days. The solemnity of S. Joseph is on 19th March. Count nine days prior and it is the 10th march when the Novena of S. Joseph begins.


March 10th is what I understand as well. (I receive the email reminders from, according to which today, March 11th, is Day 2 of the Novena to St. Joseph.)

Due to circumstances out of my control I missed the first day, so I’ll start today by “catching up” (praying the prayers for both yesterday and today). Another possibility is to skip the missed day(s) and start with the current day’s prayers. Or you could start today and just be a day behind everyone else. :slight_smile:

(scroll down to “What if I miss a day?”)

In the context of praying the Novena, I don’t know what you are asking. :thinking:


Does the Saturday evening mass on the 9th count as a Sunday day for the 10th? Checking for future reference both on sanctioned novena dates and ones we do independently.

While I understand it counts for meeting the obligation, does it count for purposes of the novena. For instance, if I go on a Saturday, does that mean it must be a Saturday daily morning mass and not an evening mass that has the Sunday readings as going to the evening mass and than mass on Sunday most of the time has the exact same readings.

Thanks so much!

I will probably just be a day behind other people.


I started a St. Joseph Novena on the 10th. I received an e-mail today from Friends of the Suffering Souls with another St. Joseph Novena saying it could be started on either the 10th or the 11th.

Start on the 10th and you will end on the 18th (day before St. Joseph’s Day)
Start on the 11th and you will end on the 19th (St. Joseph’s Day)

I’m sure St. Joseph is fine with either one, or even if you want to do a novena to him some other time.


Hugs, going to church. If you have a link to the St Joseph prayer, that will be welcome.

I also was wondering when the St Jude novena was. I think it’s Oct 20-28th which is perfect because my grandma’s birthday is Oct 25th. It’s one of her favorite saints.


I am unaware of Mass attendance being part of the Novena. The prayers I’m using make no mention of this.


Here’s the St. Joseph Novena that Friends of the Suffering Souls is doing:

Here’s the other St. Joseph Novena from EWTN that I was doing myself - I’ve done this one before when I wanted to pray to St. Joseph for some particular intention. Note that for this one, you need to scroll down, pray and reflect on the prayer for the day, and then go back up to the top and say the Novena Prayer and the Memorare. The first time I said it, I didn’t scroll down and didn’t realize there were individual day prayers.

Neither one requires Mass attendance, although if you want to attend daily Mass in addition to the prayers, that’s a wonderful gesture and St. Joseph would like that very much.

As for St. Jude, that one would start on Oct. 19 or Oct. 20, but many people just say a perpetual novena to St. Jude or say one to him whenever they need help, because he gets so many requests.


Thanks for the guidance. I am new to this and trying to understand how to pray. I know that sometimes my grandma has prayed to St Jude and than adds certain prayers to it and my mom does likewise and uses her other prayers too.

My mom and grandma had many family members who were nuns and went to Catholic school. I am in my 30s and have only really begun to look into my faith. I want to surrender my life to God as my mom and grandma clearly have and have a strong faith - something my mom and grandma clearly have as well.

I think I have misunderstood this novena thing as something you do and not a prayer intention or devotion.


I’m praying this one:


Thanks, since we’re likely going to pursue adoption (at God’s timing), this is perfect for me.

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