Dating a librarian

This, of course, was many decades ago. I was a college student and she was a librarian.

Well, I asked her out, and what happened was she fixed me up with her friend, instead of dating me herself. The friend turned out to be s fine Catholic woman. We dated for a time, before going our separate ways.

Remembering this made me think about the best name ever, for a librarian. That would be Paige Turner.


:doh2: :rolleyes::p:D


The head librarian in our high school was Orpha Book. Not quite as cool as Paige Turner ( :smiley: ), but to-the-point nevertheless.

A lifeguard could be Sonnie Tanner.


:smiley: Very good! :smiley:
However The Music Man is a favorite favorite musical and I’m sticking with Marian! :thumbsup:

Rita Moore Books!

She sounds Italian! :wink:

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