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I am not catholic but the guy that I like is. I believe that if two people care about each other than they can learn to respect and understand each others religions. My problem is because I am not catholic I am not sure if he can date another religion. I am also a single parent. I am not sure what the church views are on that. I am religious, but I don’t feel that me or my child should be punished by people who don’t understand my situation.

Can catholic men date single mothers?


Have you previously been married? That would be a factor. If you are divorced, a Catholic would still view you as being married. (fyi, I’m asking you this as a woman who is herself divorced, so I am definitely not casting stones.)

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They can date them and marry them, you don’t have to become catholic, but your children need to be raised in catholic way.



The purpose of dating is to discern mariage. Two people who are of different religions, or in your case no religion, should not date one another. You both need to find someone with whom you share beliefs, values, and life goals. The Catholic faith is not something that Catholic “do” on Sunday. It is who we are. Our faith establishes the basis from which we make decisions, relate to the world around us, and order our home life.

If you were to marry this man and have children with him, he would be obligated to raise those children Catholic. How on earth do you think a family could coexist in the same house when some go to church and some don’t. Some pray the rosary together and some don’t. It doesn’t work. It confuses the children. It causes strife.

That is why the Church cautions against it, and that is why I caution against it.

He should not, but if he does the Church will try its best to support his situation.

Are you divorced? If so, he is not free to date you. The Church would consider you to be still married, as it does not recognize divorce. You could have a prior marriage investigated by the Catholic tribunal to determine validity. He wouldn’t be free to date/marry until you had done this.

If you have never been married, there is no impediment to dating-- except your religious differences. I’m not sure what you mean by the “church’s views” on single parents? All of us are sinners so you would be viewed no better or worse than anyone else.

What do you mean punished?

It’s not about YOU Leanne. I’m sure you are a very nice person. But, you are not viewing marriage properly if you think two people can just “live on love”. It’s much more than that. The faith is central to who this man is. You do not share that. Find someone that you do share faith values and belief with. He should be doing the same.

Yes. Are you now committed to chastity before marriage?


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