Dating Fast in High school

Recently in discussion with a college student, he stated that my diocese requires a dating fast of 2 years before entering seminary. I plan on entering seminary after high school with the permission of the bishop. As I do not wish to wait any time after high school, should I be abstaining from dates?

I’m a sophmore in high school so I have 2 more years to go. Dating fast in those 2 years? To To be honest, I’m not a big dater either, so this is not problem. Do not get the idea that I must have girls beneath my arms all the time.


This is a question for your diocesan vocations director or seminary director. We don’t know the answer to that.

I think you need to discuss this with your spiritual director and vocations director.


I’ve not heard of this, and if you are discerning a priestly vocation, it’s really important to have a spiritual director (who will not be a current college student).

Some spiritual directors will actually encourage seminarians to date as part of the discernment process.

So, I really think you need a spiritual director, because advice on here or from college students isn’t how you ought to primarily be basing these life decisions. :thumbsup:

Please come back and share if you do get further information about this. I’d be interested to learn the answer.

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