Dating ideas?

Hey everyone. Some of you may remember me from the threads I posted asking for advice about a girl. Well, we’re together now. And I have a question for ya.

What are some good ideas for a date that are both fun and cheap?

How about something active? Sometimes it is easier to get to know someone when you are working together. We like mini golf, regular golf, fishing, bowling, hiking, swimming and bumming on the beach.

My husband took me ice skating on our first date. I went home that night with a with a broken arm. We have been together ever since. That was the best date I ever had.

Walks are very good. You get to learn a lot about a person that way. Maybe I’ll be able to do that again…

Take her out for pancakes. :slight_smile:

*]Share a bottle of wine and cheese

Seeing as my wife and I are always looking for something fun and cheap to do, here are a few of the things we enjoy:

Window shopping
Taking a long drive in the country (not as cheap as it used to be, but much more affordable than it was a year ago)
Volunteering at church/school functions
Playing cards with friends

Not only are they inexpensive, but most of them force you to spend quality time together, talking and getting to know more about one another. Which ought to be a good thing.

Wow, these are some really good ideas. Thanks everyone. Are there anymore?

My boyfriend and I like to cook together, go to the beach, go for bike rides, go to local festivals, museums, and historical points of interest. He has also taken me to Tijuana a few times to visit the Missionaries of Charity whom he has volunteered with for 10 years. We always like to show each other a slice of our world.

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