Dating mates exes or exes mates

dating a mates ex or an exes mate … we all know how society feels about it. what is christian method of tacklingthe issue

There is no Christian teaching on the matter. Anyone who has never married, or has been widowed is free to date without moral restriction.

Well, prudence comes into play, here. I would say that prudence dictates we follow a societal norm in the case where moral law is not dictated, and the societal law is not contrary to moral law.

So, maybe it’s peachy-keen to date someone who is free to date, but if they just broke up from your buddy after 2 years, you’ll probably be a real… not-good-guy in the eyes of your friend and society around you.

If you earn the condemnation of society for no good cause (good like loyalty to Christ and the Church), then what have you earned it for?

thankyou for your responses. was just curious what people would come up with.

another point is
treat others as we too would want to be treated.

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