Dating scenerios

Is it possible to date someone when you are no looking for marriage but companionship with the opposite sex from time to time and want to have woman friends basically? I am in no financial position for one to be taking on a wife. It’s all I can do to take care of myself. Sometimes love just isn’t enough. Love as we are capable of understanding it that is in our present state.

 I do not want to put myself into the position to open myself up to potential emotional or even physical harm/pain for someone that doesn't share values.


I guess it’s about friendly dating.

There is nothing wrong with dating and meeting new people. Get out there and have fun, find something you like and you’ll meet people naturally that way.

I think you should keep an open mind, even if you have a solid default plan of nothing serious. Money problems? I’m sure some beautiful rich attractive Catholic maiden is contemplating dialing your number right now to ask you out…

But even assuming she somehow loses your number, friendly dating as such with others is not a problem. Just be frank with your date about your intentions if appropriate. You might find someone you like to be around, a person whom you would not pursue now but might if your economic/emotional situation changes in the future. Again, the key is to stay open-minded.

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