Dating Suggestions?

Hello All,

Not sure if this is the right place for this (this seems to be mostly religious vocations).

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to meeting quality Catholic young men.

I am asking because I am 29 and I feel like I have tried everything and despite being cute, hard working, devout and fun (don’t mean to brag, just trying to give background), I have come up with nothing. I am actually a very happy person and completely trust God. I know He hears me and sees me and will do what is best for me, even if that means I remain single. Ultimately, I am okay and will be okay. But I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to make my vocation possible.

I live in Boston and I am on Catholic Match. Haven’t had any luck on that site or Ave Maria Singles. Don’t bother suggesting meeting someone at Church - I have gone to a number of parishes over the years, including those with young adult groups. To be honest, I am generally the only person my age in church, male or female. Also, I have already gone to St. Clements a bunch of times and there doesn’t seem to be much happening there.

So, any suggestions? Is there some awesome fun group, activity, something, I am missing?

Thanks CA community!

Hello - I do think this belongs to a different place and not under vocations.

I was on Catholic Match but I am discerning the religious life so I’m no longer a member. But, Catholic Match really has a great “pool” of mostly orthodox Catholics. Keep praying, have an open mind. God is a God of surprises, let God surprise you. Prayers for you.

Pray! :slight_smile:

maybe you’re called to the single life? Or even religious. Go to adoration and pray. Be open.

I will try to find another place to post this; I think the comment that this is in the wrong place is correct.

Thanks for the prayers to those that offered! I do pray everyday and you can always pray more.

To White Peony -

I don’t believe that “single” is a vocation and I do not have a vocation to religious life, though I know many people in that beautiful vocation. But thanks for the thought.

I am actually really looking for good practical suggestions. Things that maybe I haven’t thought of. Like “join X” or “I met someone at…” Stuff like that.

not too long ago a guy was asking the same question on here… you two should get in touch :wink: Have you tried hanging out at any of the “college Masses”? I think St. Ignatius Parish is the Church most students from BC go to (not that Boston College is overly orthodox but there ought to be at least one good man there.) Sorry I know you said not to suggest through Church but its the only thing that really came to mind…

I’m not able to give any suggestions as I too have been to a number of places and groups and there is no one…I have discerned that God does not want me to be a nun or sister and I don’t buy into the single is a valid vocation thing either.

However, don’t give up. Years ago I totally gave it to God, asked Him to just let me know when He shows up. I still kind of thought I’d have to settle—he won’t be as dedicated to the church, he will want to watch tv, he’ll like baseball…

God has brought me a man that exceeds anything I could have dreamed of! And we met at church but just as friends, just because I had to ask him a question about something. Friendship just came from that.

(you should maybe live some places I have, everyone is your age and I have had trouble finding the 40-55 year olds!!!)

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for writing! I am touched by your story and I am so happy for you. It made me so happy to hear about your marriage. God is so good; He always give us more than what we ask for. Although this is something I need help remembering, so thanks.


PS: Lots of young people you say? Where, might I ask, have you lived? :stuck_out_tongue:

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