Dating the Acts of the Apostles


When I read “most scholars” in this context I know that most likely we are dealing with the Westar group who like to think they are “scholars.” The movement was started by a man named Funk as a response to the political religious right that developed in the 1980’s in support of Reagan.

Today, they hold gatherings at various cities around the country where their members have lots of books to sell. I went to a “Jesus Seminar” once and what they consider scholarship is very suspect. One theme that ran through a lot of the presentations was that the Romans crucified Jesus because he represented a threat to their cult of Augustus. They tend to downplay the role of Second Temple High Priesthood in Jesus’ death and the subsequent persecution of the Nazarenes.


Great EXPLANATION Randy!! I never seen laid out so well.


Wikipedia gives the basic outline:

Robinson concluded that much of the New Testament was written before AD 64, partly basing his judgement on the spare textual evidence that the New Testament reflects knowledge of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70. In relation to the four gospels’ dates of authorship, Robinson placed Matthew as being written sometime between AD 40 and the AD 60s, Mark sometime between AD 45 and AD 60, Luke sometime during the AD 50s and 60s and John sometime between AD 40 and AD 65 or later. Robinson also argued that the letter of James was penned by a brother of Jesus Christ within twenty years of Jesus’ death; that Paul authored all the books attributed to him; and that the “John” who wrote the fourth Gospel was the apostle John. Robinson also suggested that the results of his investigations implied a need to rewrite many theologies of the New Testament.


Well done Randy. Any chance there’s a book out there that lays this out in more detail?


These aren’t Catholic authors, but the books are very good.

If you don’t want to read (or you have young people you want to reach), the second one was made into a movie recently, and it was actually quite good.



I just re read Case for Christ. I’ve seen the other title and considered it, just havent pulled the trigger on it. I’ll put it on the list, thanks Randy.


Hagan largely agrees with Robinson. These might be of interest:


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