Dating the Gospels


I would love to see this book and its thesis addressed.

Here is the link:

When I read it I was surprised in many ways.

Also, Jesus of Nazareth by Benedict XV gives many great principles: one, if we exclude inspiration when using criticism we are doing a study in literature. We are not doing theology.

Well, I am starting this to learn. I want to hear the ideas.



I’m definitely going to save that link and read it eventually.

Thank you!




You can thank thistle!

He gave it to us!!!


Any readers?


Jim, I've skimmed parts of it, it's interesting and a useful compilation of sources.

I have a feeling you're looking for opinions other than mine, though . . .




I am looking to hear for any all minds.

We all know things that the others do not know!


I was hoping for help this weekend, any help?


[quote="Jim_Baur, post:7, topic:329716"]
I was hoping for help this weekend, any help?


What help do you want?


The book is short.

It says many things,one is that St. Matthew wrote his Gospel. Saint Luke wrote his Gospel. St. Peter dictated St. Mark’s Gospel as he commented on St. Matthew and St. Luke’s Gospels.

One other thing, among many, is that the Gospels were written before the fall of Jerusalem.

I am looking to hear the opinions and thoughts of others.


Just hoping!


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