I am not catholic but the girl I am dating and her family are. Should I be attending mass with her or what should I do?


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I am not catholic but the girl I am dating and her family are. Should I be attending mass with her or what should I do?


I Strongly recommend you to attend mass :thumbsup:

If in the future you ever marry her, you do need to check out what the Catholic Church requires for your marriage to be made (so that it can be valid etc).


Yes! Go to mass with her, pray, and do all that jazz. Just don't take communion. Your not cool enough yet to do that! :cool:

God bless you!


Well it wouldn't hurt and would get you some major points with the girl and her family. If nothing else it shows you have respect for them and their beliefs and who know you may like it. :cool:


I think it depends on how seriously you're dating. That is, are you dating casually/just met or are you two a committed couple with plans of marriage? If you aren't 100 percent that she is "the one" I don't know that there's any obligation to attend Mass (though it is a nice gesture and shows you care about her as a friend, if nothing else). On the other hand, if you plan to marry, I think you absolutely should attend Mass. Simply put, if two people are that serious about one another, I think it's incumbent upon them to determine whether or not their future spouse's faith background is their cup of tea...or not. My sister married a wonderful Lutheran man. He's terrific. But, their faith differences do cause a bit of friction here or a for instance...holidays, my Mother always had dinner at her house. She would make the Sign of the Cross and say grace before the meal. Makes perfect sense. She was Catholic. I know, however, that even this small gesture somehow left my brother-in-law feeling awkward. That says nothing of how their children grew up with two fatih experiences..."But, Dad, doesn't go to Mass" and how they spent Christmas and Easter at different churches rather than together as a family. Just a few thoughts on the matter.


Yes go to Church with them. I think it is wonderful that you are even asking. It would be a great way for you to determine if you would want to join the Catholic faith.
And as the other poster stated it would go far as points go with the potential in laws.


I think if you are more than casually dating - or even if you are, it is a nice gesture to offer to attend mass. I will admit, my mass attendance has been rather scant lately, but my boyfriend attends mass when I do go to mass. He enjoys mass and I think if we became engaged that he would be more than happy to go to RCIA and join the church.


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