Daughter has the stomach flu

Could you please pray for our 11 year old daughter. She’s been throwing up about 10 - 20 since 1am and having very painful stomach cramps. She finally has had a small break (about 1 hour where she got a little sleep). If you could pray for this to quickly pass I’d very much appreciate it.

Right away.
Oh Lord look at the children and help them see the strain on the parents please have mercy on them. Lord we ask that this time come to pass, and Lord let reliefe come to their family this night we pray . Amen
Lord let all praise and worship go to you we ask in the name of our loveing sayour Jesus Christ.

Just did! God Bless.

Thankyou. She’s only thrown up twice since my last post but now she’s having bathroom issues. I feel so bad for her. She’s so miserable. Thank you again for your prayers.

could it be food poisoning? If so, be careful that you don’t eat whatever it was that she ate.

Prayed for her. Poor thing. :frowning:

Urgh. I woke up with that on Christmas morning at 3am. The worst part was over by 1 that afternoon, and the fever/chills passed by the next morning. Just keep her on lots of liquids because this bug can really dehydrate you. I found ginger ale and Gatorade the easiest to tolerate. I’ll keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Many prayers headed your way, but don’t overlook the value of a good GP or pediatrician!

Our Dr.'s office is closed for the weekend but if it get’s really bad I will call the answering service and get the doctor on call. I think the worst is over. She still feels really bad but last night she was throwing about every fifteen to twenty minutes. She nauseated but the vomiting has stopped for now. She’s drinking water and sucking on pedialyte popsicles.

Thank you again for the prayers.:slight_smile:

Not putting Dr’s down but in this situation lettsemploy Dr Jesus for a miracle OK. I’m in on it right now.

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