Daughter leaving for Germany tomorrow


My daughter is going to Germany with my father for 26 days! They also plan to visit France. My dad is from Germany and has family there. She’s leaving tomorrow and I’m starting to feel sad at the idea of her being gone so long. She’s 13 and I know this is a wonderful opportunity we could never afford to give her ourselves. Please keep her and my dad in your prayers for a safe and enjoyable trip.


Sounds super fun and exciting for her! Prayers for a good and safe trip:)


Prayers for a safe trip for both your daughter and your father.

My 17-year-old daughter went to Germany this past June for three weeks through GAPP (the German American Partnership Program). We hosted a German girl for three weeks back in February and then my daughter went to live with this girl’s family. My daughter loved it but we did miss her while she was gone.

My older daughter is studying abroad in England this summer. She has been visiting various places in Europe on the weekends. I miss her terribly. (Of course she’s gone during the regular school year too.)

Thank goodness for programs like Skype and Yahoo messenger!


My baby has left :crying:. I can’t believe I won’t see her for almost 4 weeks! I did make a map for my dad to take her to see St. Catherine Labouré at the The Chapel of the Miraculous Medal in Paris. I can’t believe we were in Paris when I was a teen and didn’t go there. My daughter made her Grandpa promise to take her to church on Sunday’s while they were away. She’s such a good girl, the first thing she asked when my dad offered to take her on this trip is “How will I go to church?” I’m very happy for her but feeling pretty sad about my baby being gone so long.


How kind of your father to escort her on a trip of a lifetime! My youngest sister was an exchange student to France when she was 16, she came back home, got a Masters Degree in French Lit. and now teaches high school French. :thumbsup:


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