Daughter receiving Confirmation


I am new to this forum and first of all, I would like to say hello and thank you to everyone who is reading my thread :slight_smile:

My daughter has made up her mind to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I am so glad about her decision! Thank you Lord!

There is one issue involving receiving this Holy Sacrament, however, and to be honest I don’t know if I am making a good decision by posting about this online. But I will go on.

My daughter is an altar server at our parish and she has a great devotion to St. Dominique Savio. She read his biography and she was really spiritually drawn by the strong faith of this young boy saint. I was certain that this is a good thing but one day she asked me:

“Can I pick the any Confirmation name that I want?”
so I said " of course! which Saint are you going to be named after?"
and she said " I don’t know if I can, but I really want to be named after St. Dominique Savio"

while I know that Dominique can be a girl’s name, I am still not sure if it is okay for a girl to be named after a male saint’s name. Actually her decision is fine with me, I am just not sure how Catholic church would perceive it. She wants to take the name of “Dominique Savio” as a whole. Will church oppose of her decision? I just want to hear what other people think of this.

Thank you,


No problem at all to the best of my knowledge.
God bless your daughter, how wonderful! Congratulations!


Actually probably half of the girls in our parishes confirmation classes choose male saints. It seems like it is pretty consistent year after year. No problem at all. Here in indiana we have the relics of Saint Theodore who is a woman. Many nuns have taken male saint names.


She may pick any name she wants. God bless her on her upcoming confirmation.


I’m a male and my confirmation name is Therese. No problem at all.

And, St. Dominic Savio is an extremely good choice.


The name or the fact that it is someone from the opposite sex is not a problem but that this is a saint she really admires and want to emulate. She sounds like she is ready and I wish her God Blessing and Spirit on her confirmation.


As others have said, I don’t see a problem with it. You can always ask your priest about it for confirmation (no pun intended ;)).

Really, the practice of picking a saint name for Confirmation is more of a matter of personal piety in certain parts of the world than something which is regulated by Church law. I have never come across any “rules” that refer to the practice at all. That being the case, it would be hard to make the argument that it is “against the rules” seeing as how there really are no rules for Confirmation names.


I can’t imagine it would be a problem. Religious sisters and nuns sometimes take male saint names, such as Sister Mary Joseph, who would be called Sister Joseph on a day to day basis.


It’s completely acceptable. :smiley:

Did you know that the MFVA (the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word who are the friars who are part of EWTN) each have the name of “Mary” as part of the new name they received as they became brothers? :slight_smile:

Completely and totally acceptable.


First, I want to add my congratulations for your daughter’s upcoming Confirmation to those above! She should pick whatever saint she wants as her Confirmation saint, even if it is a man, because she obviously feels a connection to St. Dominique Savio. I am going to look him up right now :thumbsup:


Great analogy!

It sounds like gender has nothing to do with the name chosen. Nothing to worry about.

By the way, one of my daughters has Dominique for a middle name. :smiley:


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