Daughter was confirmed tonight


Yea!!! My daughter was confirmed tonight! After all the snow and cold weather, I was worried that they were going to cancel tonight but thankfully they didn’t. It was awesome. The homily was incredible… If anyone ever gets a chance to hear Bishop Daniel Jenky talk, I recommend it. His homily was about how Jesus wasn’t a wimp and how we have to stand up for our faith, the truth, and those who can’t defend themselves. Excellent!!! As each kid went up to be confirmed he did the, “(Confirmation name) Be sealed with the Holy Spirit” But then he would whisper something to them about their saint. Well at least he thought he was whispering. His wireless mic volume was turned up high and we could hear what he was saying. Alot of what he said was rather comical! When he confirmed my daughter (she chose Joan of Arc for her Confirmation name) he looked at her and whispered, “She was one tough lady.” We choked back the giggles… My daughter is such a little petite feminine girl that nobody can believe what a little scrapper she is. She can seriously kick some butt. One of the boys chose Sebastian, so he told him to watch out for arrows (he was shot with arrows and left for dead, just to be beaten to death later). Later when we were at the reception, I told the Bishop how I told my kids I wanted to get a picture of the family with him and 2 of the kids said, “Why? We already have a picture of the family with the bishop…let’s just recycle.” He laughed, and shook my son’s hand for that one! He has such a pleasant sense of humor for such an orthodox kinda guy!!! Good times!!!


Congratulations!! My daughter was confirmed by Bishop Jenky last April. It was a beautiful and meaningful experience and you could just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. My mother in law came in from California for the sacrament and she is still talking about it – she was so impressed with Bishop Jenky.


Congrats to you and your daughter. :smiley:


Yeah, we are blest to have him! This is my second confirmed by him. I know what you mean about feeling the presence!


How lovely :smiley:

My nieces and nephews are just now at the age where they’re starting to make their first communions, so I guess Confirmation can’t be that far away.


I was confirmed by Bishop Jenky in 2005 after coming back to Catholicism in college after 10 years of being lapsed. He is a nice, orthodox Catholic bishop! He let me take a picture holding his crosier :thumbsup:


:clapping: Congratulations to your family BlestOne! Is your newly confirmed daughter the one that went to D.C. with you recently? This must be a particularly fruitful time for her spiritually. I pray that with the aid of the Holy Spirt, she will be able to resist the temptations that present themselves too readily in our times. You seem to be a wonderful example for her.


Yep she is my mini-me that I went to DC with. Actually, I think her oldest brother is the best example to her and not me. He is her buddy… but then come to think of it… all the kids get along pretty well when I’m not around. hmmmmm…


Congratulations and God Bless. Thanks for sharing your happiness.


Many blessings upon the new Joan!


How gorgeous, thanks so much for allowing us to share in your special night. :slight_smile:


Congratulations. :slight_smile:

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