Daughters' Baptism & Youth Mass


Our parish has baptism every quarter, this time it was held during a Youth Mass-12pm-I’d never been to one, I always go to the earlier Mass.
So both my daughters were baprized in a setting with lots of children & high school youth doing the readings, passing colection baskets, presenting the gifts, leading the songs, etc. What an awesome way for older children to be welcomed into the faith community! BY children! (Yes there were babies too. Quite the distraction for me!)

And it was a wonderful way for my 19 yr old son to get exposure other than when he visits Grandma (lots of older people, very quiet.) It was crowded, he saw other young men giving their seats up to women & did the same without complaining-another first. (Some history: his father isn’t a very good example.)

Now I am suspicious that some of you all have been praying!:)I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.


Your daughters were going to get the “big three” - Baptism and Confirmation and FHC - Three Cheers are in order!!!



That is wonderful! Our baptisms are not held during a normal Mass. They are usually scheduled for Saturday afternoon. The parish is so big and crowded on Sundays we would never get through Mass if there were also baptisms. I’m glad your children got to see and experience that–they will always remember!

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