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We were one of the couples almost thirty years ago who thought it was a good idea to ‘let the kids decide’ about religion; both of us were raised Catholic in an era that was very traditional, but we both lapsed I think mainly because we had so many questions and had never been taught to ask them.
Almost thirty years later we have a grandson whom we all dote on.Problem: Our daughter goes to various churches, sometimes Catholic, sometimes Bible church or something, but as much as she adores her new son, she still says she thinks abortion is a ‘private decision’. Without getting into a persuadathon with her, anyone have ideas about how to gently insist that every other new little baby boy should be loved like hers is? I sure feel like those old ‘religious choice’ chickens have come home to roost.
Thanks for any input! Bless you all,
P.S. Of our other three grandchildren, the 4 and 6 year old girls know very little of religion, and the 2 year old girl is being raised as a Lutheran by a Lutheran and former Catholic!


I understand the difficulty you feel about this. Consequences haunt many of us. As a movie character commented, "Hindsight is an exact science."
Much as you regret not raising you children as Catholics, at the time you didn’t have the understanding to share the riches of the Catholic faith with your childre, Others of us did, but sometimes the children wandered or last faith also.

What’s left is to live the example of Catholic Faith ourselves…living the gospel truths as well as grace allows. And to pray for them, and pray for them, and pray for them.

Scripture assures us:
“Stop your crying and wipe away your tears. All that you have done for your children will not go unrewarded; they will return from the enemy’s land. There is hope for your future; your children will come back home. I, the Lord, have spoken.” [Jeremiah 31:16-17]

“With great love I will take you back…for a moment I hid my face from you. But with everlasting love I have taken pity on you’ says God, your redeemer.” [Isaiah 54:7-8] “Return, you exiles who now have hope; return to your place of safety. I tell you now; I will repay you twice over with blessing for all you have suffered.” [Zechariah 9:12-13]

God bless and embrace your children and grandchildre, and blessed be God that there are some attempts in your family to find the truth or to follow the gospel .


This idea is a huge misunderstanding. I see it too all the time… my parents seem to have embraced this view too because they seemed to think things just automatically take care of themselves… this resulted in me living a life of emptiness thrown into a culture of promiscuity and alcohol… and one of my sisters becoming an actual atheist.
Now my third sister thinks the same way… “I will let the children decide for themselves once they are older”.
BADR! I recognise the good intentions… but gee… if people dont teach their children about Christ and moral standards etc… Then someone else - often the secular world or a person from another religion - sure WILL come and be the “choice”…
These ideas of false freedom leave beloved children as empty houses… ready for any evil spirit to toss around and move into.
Its so so devastating to see this spiritual indifference under the pretext of love (satan has even parents fooled) …

Teach your child about truth and right and wrong… or somebody else will!
Some people will teach their child to not rob the bank or beat other children at school… but they don’t care for their eternal life… what kind of a logic is that???

To the OP… I am sorry if I sound harsh… I just see the home as the place that really decides whom children grow up to be… if it was not for Jesus OWN direct interference in my life I would have been in the mental house today or out living a worldly life never knowing why I always felt so miserable and empty.

You are given a second chance with your children and grandchildren… as long as they are not dead… You gotta TESTIFY.


I totally agree with you, having extensive uncontrolled freedom would open the door for evil to deceive the person through his wicked ways in the secular culture, or through one of his false religions.


I am trying to see that my 8 y/o grand daughter comes to love the Catholic faith as I do. Her mama is a problem. Tells me " I don’t believe in your Catholic faith" Chloe’ goes to Mass once a month when I have her. It’s tough, but right now it’s what I can do.


Here is my humble advice, first, pray for God to protect that child as he did for Virgin Mary, second, pray for your daughter to know the true path of God, then try to show your grand-daughter some movies about Lord Jesus in the weekends (put Jesus love in her heart while she still in her childhood), so when she grows up she would always remember Lord Jesus words & teachings.


Well you do sound harsh and very judgemental, the OP is well aware that what she did was wrong. The reason she posted is to somehow rectify that. We are all sinners and the best we can do is ask for God’s forgiveness and try to live a better Catholic life.

Trishie, your reply was excellent and full of compassion for a fellow sinner, :slight_smile:


Yeah? well… I was not so much talking to the OP (only the last line was really for them and I meant that just the way it sounded:p ) as to other parents of little kids that might stumble into this thread… I wanted to give them my testimony so that they realise the importance of what they are doing.
It is a tremendous grace that I know Jesus as much as I do today inspite of my upbringing… and to consider that many dont teach their children about the Messiah, our only Hope… I get kind of passionate when I think about that and what I nearly missed…
I am sure you understand that.
Indeed I think sometimes many people should be much more affected than they seem to be when we talk about such crucial things…

Anyway… If someone does not get any use out of what I am saying then dust it off and forget you ever read it. As for me, I have to stand on what I said.


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