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I was just hit by my brother in law about a book by this man. From what I can tell from the forums he must do a good job telling lies. Could someone please tell me what this book is about? ANd where can I find a good book to refute what he has written? He of course, is trying to test my faith, and suggested I read this. I have 5 kids and nonot have a lot of time to research good answers. Could someone help please? Thank you


Here’s a quote from Dave Hunt on the Chick Publications website:

The Roman Catholic Church is the whore of Revelation 17


As a Protestant, I must warn you about getting Protestant theology from Dave Hunt. He is seen as rather radical in his beliefs and does not represent the majority view concerning Protestant theology. I am often saddened when I see people using him to defend Protestant theology. I would just tell your brother that he is on the fringes of evangelical theology. Someone that brings quite a bit of emarrassment to our stand. :o

There is a good article about Dave Hunt on this very website. Go to:

Hunt-ing The Whore of Babylon

Karl Keating really dresses down Dave Hunt in his books Catholicism and Fundamentalism and The Usual Suspects.of

There is nothing new to the former accountants anti-catholic charges in fact they come direct out of the Jack Chick Comics. Hunt is not a scholar but a very deranged indiviudal he hated the Passion becuase it was well catholic. Well duh so is the Bible do hate that as well?
How about the Trinity that is catholic as well as the creeds.
Fundamentalism run amok describes Hunt.

Jimmy Akin took care of the Whore = Roman Catholic Church thesis shortly after the book was published, here was a thread near the beginning of the board on more analysis of Dave Hunt’s sometimes pathetic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes outrageous 1994 book A Woman Rides the Beast :smiley: :mad: :rolleyes:

Phil P

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