Dave Ramsey


Are there any Dave Ramsey fans out there? I’ve listened to him for several years. I got my wife to be a believer a year ago. We attended FPU at our church. It’s hard to talk about with family and friends because money issues are so personal. Dave has made it easier for me to come back to the Church because he speaks to a issues close to a mans heart. I have committed to attending mass regularly and becoming an ACTIVE member of the church. I recently also began to tackle a porn use issue ( also an issue that is hard to talk about with family and friends.)


Well, hop on over to the Faith and Finance threads and join the rest of the Ramsey-ites!:slight_smile:



I adore Dave Ramsey. I just started seriously using his program. I took FPU a couple of years ago but didn’t get serious until a couple of months ago. I’m about $1500 away from being debt free.


And you’re going to call in and scream “I’m debt free!” right?

I love it!!!


I might:D


DH got me hooked on him last yr. We are debt free after listening to his shows via podcasts.

It’s a great feeling to know that it’s one less thing to worry about.
:smiley: :smiley: Praise the Lord!!! (i’m doing backflips in the yard lol)


Hi Robert,

Many, many graces will be needed to overcome the pornography problems. Stay close the the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially in the Eucharist. In HIM, you’ll find everything that’s close to a man’s heart.

Congratulations on meeting your financial goals!


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