Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is hosting a Free Live event, called Town Hall for Hope. A live event where Dave will be discussing the current economic events.


Some of you probably know who he is, but I encourage you to at least visit his web site and practice what he preaches. Learn to live within your means and retire with dignity…and money. I’m almost done with his FPU classes, and his lectures are amazingly informational. On top of all that he’s a good Christian, and he gives a little sermon on his CD’s that come with the class that is really, really interesting.

I too like Dave Ramsey… but have heard some people take some knocks on his “protestant positions” on things. I have read his books, listen to his CD’s and radio show, and read his blog as well. Not once have I ever come across something that didn’t jive with my (deep) Catholic roots. Maybe I missed something.

I can honestly say that his books have changed my life for the better, and made me look at money in a different way. I believe God doesn’t want us to be slaves to debt and poor all our lives. I believe that, if you are a good person, you have an obligation to get yourself in a financial position to do good things with money. Some of the most blessed people in the bible were wealthy (Good Samaritan had to have been pretty well off).

Just some things to think about. You can also check out Veritas Financial Ministries (www.veritasfinancialministries.com), which is a catholic financial group.

He has some really interesting stories, inluding how he came to be a Christian. Most of that stuff is on his CD’s. It may be in his books as well.

Thank you for the Veritas link, I had never heard of them before.

I’m just reading his book called Total Money Makeover. His ideas are excellent and seem firmly supported by scripture and traditional Christian thought. We are trying to pay off the rest of our mortgage by 2012 and are going to use his ideas to help us discipline ourselves toward this goal.

If you get a chance, get ahold of the CD’s that come with the FPU classes. Or, try to have a class with some people from your Church if you can. The DVD’s you watch in the class are really good, plus the kit comes with some really neat stuff. I think we went every Sunday for 8 weeks. It was well worth the money spent, my wife and I never really thought we made enough money to do this, but it’s almost like you find money when you apply his techniques. We started clipping coupons, paid off the car, didnt have any credit cards which help. We are fairly frugal to begin with, but we have gotten even better since those classes.

We’re going to use the next 2 months in converting from credit card usage to cash. We don’t carry a balance but use it for convenience. I really agree with the concept that, even if you pay the credit card off each month, that using cash will help curtail spending.

In April we’ll really get on a strict budget and put an extra $2000 monthly to pay off the mortgage.

Have you, or anyone else here, taken both courses? I would prefer to support a catholic program, but don’t want to cheat our parishioners out of some valuable info they could have gotten from a protestant (provided there is no protestant slant).

All things equal, I would rather follow the catholic program, so I’m hoping someone can recommend Veritas!

He gives very good advice. We followed his steps and cut our budget by a third. We now use the envelope/cash system, which made a big difference. It’s somehow painful to spend cash.

It’s also not a bad idea to have cash on hand, in case the banking system goes haywire for a while. That sometimes causes governments to shut-down the ATMs.

We took an FPU class with a group of seventh day adventis in a health food store. I believe he offers two programs, one for Churches and one that could be used in a more diverse social setting. The seventh day adventis never really brought up religion, but they did try and get us to convert to vegans. I think I’d rather talked about religion.

Either way Dave has some very very good info, he has helped a bunch of people. Just listen to his radio show or watch his tv show. He is very good at what he does. I understand wanting to support a Catholic program, but you could check the Church program out and maybe be the one to promote it in you’re Church.

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