Dave Ramsey

Any Dave Ramsey fans here? If you are, and Catholic, how do you handle his Protestant theology? Do you just overlook it and appreciate his acumen on personal finance?


My take on Dave Ramsey is: Yes I have a problem with his Protestant Theology but my biggest gripe is he is always searching for “piles and piles of MONEY”. His advise on handling money is good but there is also a good Catholic website for handling money. Sorry the Name of it escapes me as I am not at the right computer.

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My wife and I went though the 13 week course at the parish we go to. I think he could drop the first twelve sessions and just do the one on giving with a little bit of “don’t go into debt” info. IMHO.

Dave Ramsey is very popular where I live and some of his advice is good. When it comes to credit cards, I think he’s a bit over the top. My son never had a credit card and when he wanted to lease a truck, I had to co-sign since he had no credit history. I was fine with it, and he has since gone on to build a good credit history. I have one credit card, I pay it at the end of the month and never get into debt. My former husband got us into a terrible financial mess and it scarred me for life. I never bite off more than I can chew.

Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s advice, my wife and I are debt-free! We have no credit cards and don’t want any. We’re also trying to save up for a car because we don’t ever want a car payment again.

Dave’s theology doesn’t bother me. He’s wildly popular in the Southeast, but virtually unknown in the Northeast. I just like how he’s “in your face” when he has to be, and compassionate when he has to be also.

Nor o I have a problem with him talking about “piles of cash.” It’s almost as if some people can’t conceive of a life without debt; what virtue is there in that? Besides, Ramsey also says that the point of having lots of money is to use it for good, including giving it away to those in need rather than loaning it.

I find it interesting that the OP goes by the name “Lampo,” which is the name o Ramsey’s company (The Lampo Group).

Like Dave, I’m “better than I deserve.”

I’d love to know the website address, when you get a chance.

me to

Perhaps you’re thinking of Phil Lenahan and Veritas Financial Ministries?

Yep, I’m a Dave Ramsey fan too. He’s is right on when in comes to personal finance. He tells his listeners that we all are just stewards of any wealth we might have. As far as his statement, “piles of cash”, it does not aim to convey avarice.

BTW, that is the reason for my nickname.

There really isn’t much wrong with what he is saying. He says a lot of good but then there is just a little bad that people won’t really miss. His views on whole life are very mistaken. Also I am kind of disturbed that the insurance company he backs isn’t one of the 5 highest rated companies in the country. If he isn’t in it for the money then why wouldn’t he back one of those companies such as Northwest Mutual, John Hancock, or even the Knights of Columbus which is a Catholic organization that is among the five highest in the country when it comes to the S&P 500 and Best A.M. We have to remember that even though he says alot of good there are some things that he really is just in it to make money. I think as Catholics it is great to be debt free but we have to do it the way that makes sense to us. If his way makes sense to you then by all means you do what works. Remember also that whole life is not evil and is an essential part of your portfolio especially when it comes to estate planning. I seriously doubt that people by 100,000,000 dollar whole life policies just because someone conned them into it.

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