David Cameron reveals Christian faith

LONDON — David Cameron on Friday revealed the importance of religion in his life, saying the teachings of Jesus were a “good guide”.

In an interview with London’s Evening Standard newspaper, the Conservative Party leader said, “I don’t feel I have a direct line” to God but Christian doctrine had “good and thoughtful ideas to bring to life.”

“If you are asking, do I drop to my knees and pray for guidance, no. But do I have faith and is it important, yes. My own faith is there, it’s not always the rock that perhaps it should be,” Cameron said.

It is rare for senior politicians in Britain, a Christian but largely secular country, to discuss their religious fervour.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s father was a Church of Scotland minister, but he typically speaks of the “moral compass” his upbringing gave him, not of his faith.

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Because unfortunately here in Britain you’re a bit ‘nuts’ if you say you believe…sigh

I hear that the British “don’t do religion”.:rolleyes:

It’s so quintessentially ‘English Politician’ and, certainly, what one would expect from Tony Blair Mk2.

Hey, I live in Britain.

Basically he is saying he believes in God and in the principles of religion as good guideposts for life, but that he doesn’t pray or practice religion in any way. And this is enough to brand him as a religious person today? Some vague notion of having “faith” in something or other? He sounds like about 90% of the people I know, who are “spiritual but not religious”. Still, this will probably be enough for some people in Britain to brand him a religious nutter.

No, it isn’t like that, it’s ok to be religious in a nebulous sense - Blair was. It’s standing up for ‘moral values’ in such a way as not to frighten anybody - thus pleasing ‘moral values’ people and everybody else at the same time.

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