David Cameron right on Christianity, says Welby


From BBC News.




Personally, I don’t trust Welby. I read an article the other day that said he’s been silent about “gay marriage”. That makes me wonder what his position is.


I wouldn’t say silent. It broke today in the news the Welby said he “cannot give my blessing” to gay marriage. His reasoning was a off in my opinion (he didn’t want to offend African Anglicans, who threaten to end their aid in the name of the Anglican Communion if gay marriage is allowed), but he has been far from silent.


Good to see the Sikhs, Muslims and Jewish religious leaders supporting Cameron. Where is this ‘alienation and division’ that the atheists predicted? Apart from their own feeling of alienation.

Historically, GB owes it legal, educational and ethical roots to Christianity. Why deny it?

Good on the Archbishop for speaking on the issue.


I think this is great!


Oh okay. I did not know about that news. But at least he seems to be against giving his “blessing” to same-sex “marriage”.


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