David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction

I was so saddened to see this. David Duchovny is one of my favorite actors. I hope he can heal whatever is wrong with him and also heal his marriage.

I don’t know how much I buy the whole “sex addiction” thing. I tend to think it is more bad character than a disease. But any recovery program should teach him to be accountable and change his behavior, so hopefully it will be a good thing for him and his family all around.



God bless his wife if she sticks by him.

Well, whether it’s an out and out disease or not, the counselling offered in any treatment group would probably be a good thing.

I wonder about the impact on his ‘addiction’ of appearing in that dreadful show ‘Californication’? :hmmm: A bit of a sock in the eye for those who claim that such things have no effect on real life sexual behaviour, I’d think.

Sex addiction is like any other addiction. The afflicted become addicted to the “high” that is natural with sexual experience. The pursuit of sex, the fantasizing of it, the endorphins released during and after sexual climax. Pornography addiction is a form of sex addiction. You could say that poor character formation could leave a person open to falling into addictive behaviors, but to be a sex addict is no less a disease than to be an alcoholic or compulsive gambler. You’re an addict when you consistently engage in behaviors that consistently produce results that cause yourself and / or your loved ones physical, emotional, financial, et al… hardship.

Sex addiction is truly shameful, and most of those who are afflicted with it will never seek treatment. Not to mention our society is geared to tell us that sex is in itself a means to an end of achieving happiness. It’s not. It’s a very sad addiction, and sadder still that it has both the shameful and ridiculous connotation to it that it does. Most hear a term like “sex addicion” and think, “yeah, right” :rolleyes:

I think its possible to get addicted to just about anything, if you have the wrong personality.

I hope he finds relief from his situation.

Who knows, really: the character he plays on his new series * is said to be a sex addict.

So it isn’t impossible that this is less about his private life, and more about free publicity for the series.*

Long ago I was advised to go to SLAA - Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, and it helped a lot. I experienced withdrawal horribly but afterwards my life improved by leaps and bounds.

It is not so much a disease of bad character but of low self-esteem and of possibly acting out the effects of being sexually abused as a child.

I believe greediness, pride, selfishness and self-righteousness are what makes bad character along with any of the other 7 deadly sins I didn’t mention - plus defiantly refusing to ever repent of sin.

It (sex addiction) happens - in my opinion, and you know what they say about those! - because of our lax, selfish, promiscuous society and a lack of compassionate role models - well, that was my experience.

And, just a reminder, St. Augustine experienced sex addiction.

my two cents…

As to whether his current show Californication had an influence on his sex addiction, I would think not. As an X-Files junkie back in the day, I learned that he did some lighter “softcore” pornography before the X-Files, so I don’t think his life in sexual realms is anything new. There was even a joke in an X-Files episode from a psychic who predicted that Mulder (Duchovny) would die during a sexual incident… Maybe it was an inside joke on the set?

Who knows, but I’m glad to see someone try to get help on the matter. I am sure most of Hollywood wouldn’t even admit there’s such a thing as a sex addiction.

Mary, pray with us for all those who suffer from impure tendencies. Amen. :gopray2:

That sucks. I hope he will beat it. He is one of my favorites.

Sexual addiction is 100% real. As real as alcohol or drug addiction. Anyone suffering from this deserves our utmost pity and our prayers. I especially pity Mr. Duchovny, who does not deserve to have his sin and humiliation broadcast to the public, anymore than any one of us does. Human dignity demands much better than that.

I’ve never seen Californication, and don’t disagree with your point, but in Mr. Duchovny’s case, I think he sought out the show/role because of his addiction. There have been consistent rumors about him and a sex/porn addiction since at least the mid-90’s and he’s had the habit of “oversharing” things of a sexual nature in every single interview I’ve ever seen. One of the reason why I stopped paying attention, because I didn’t want anything to mess with my love of Mulder. And long, long ago, before Californication, there was “The Red Shoe Diaries”…

He chose to publicly announce his entry to rehab… so he is the one broadcasting it. Perhaps he is seeking to increase the accountability he faces by admitting it publicly?

That is different, I admit, but I think it’s unfortunate. :frowning: The public forum is a brutal and unjust court in which to be tried. And unless he delivers his “message” in the appropriate way ("You all need to know about sexual addiction, because it’s very real and not uncommon, etc.) it could just as easily cause people to stumble or scoff as not. God gave us the confessional for a good reason! Some sins, by their very nature, cause scandal when exposed. I fear this may be one, but I can’t speak of a certainty.

I was very surprised that Duchovny chose to enter this type of rehab in such a public way. Good for him and may God help him and his family. He seems to have a decent wife (actress Tea Leoni). I to wonder why he just didnt go into rehab and not give any details. I only have more admiration for him and wish him well…

The cynic in me isn’t surprised. Duchovny is pretty much a Hollywood flop in the box office. He’s barely tolerable as a character actor, and certainly doesn’t have the gravitas to carry a weighty part. At least this way he gets his name in the papers attached to something other than yet another scathing movie review.

Still, all that said, I wish him well. No one ought to suffer through any sort of addiction.

– Mark L. Chance.

You and I should talk! I dislike Duchovny as an actor, too, but most of the X-Files forums that I belong too won’t allow any negative stuff about DD! So I always have to be nice.

But I still hope he comes out of this stronger and purer, with an intact marriage, and I hope it is something that brings him to redeeming faith and involvement with the Church.

I heard on the radio that he didn’t intend to publicize it, but one of the paparazzi discovered it, so DD decided to just come clean rather than having them blast it all over the media.


We can’t possibly know the motivation for Duchovny’s publicizing his rehab, but let’s throw out a few reasons. First, I do wish the man well and hope he did it for a good rather than self serving reason, but would be curious to know opinions.

  • He did it because the media was going to expose him. (That would still be ok since he’s owning up to his problem and taking this away from the media)

-He did it because his wife knew of past affairs and told him it was up to him to go into rehab or leave. (This was on internet, but since when are affairs related to sex addiction per se’?)

-He did it to publicize his latest TV show? (Seems very lame, desperate, and seedy if that’s the case).

-He generally has a sex addiction problem and is tired of living with it and trying to expose and seek help. I hope that’s the case, because I certainly would be in his corner if that is true.

I guess no matter what, I feel for his family (I like Tea Leoni, seems very decent to me and feel for his children). Not real big into his career, but he has brought out an addiction that not real popular and won’t get him many supporters in Hollywood…

Sexual addiction is real, but you are right addiction is not a disease in the same sense as say having the flu, cancer etc. Addiction starts out as making bad choices, then making the choices into habits, then on to addiction,

If we are to consider addictions as types of diseases, then we should look at them as spirtual and mental diseases. I agree treatment should be focused on learning how to make good choices again.

Sad part is without moral standards such as we find in Judea-Christianity, which our society sems to have thrown out the window and under the bus, many (for profit) recovery programs for most “addictions” will be fruitless (without some sort of moral standard promoted), but make a lot of bucks for the recovery industry.

Let us pray for David Duchovny and all others fighting this and all other addictions. May they seek and find God’s help to overcome the many addictions in which the world promotes by rejecting God and his wisdom.

Why should we even consider his motive? Part of shedding an addiction is being honest and admitting it to be a problem. Hiding it just makes it a heavier monkey to get off one’s back.

The OPs main question was is sex addiction an addiction/disease?

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