David Gregory "meet the press'"

I think a lot of todays problems are that people are insensitive. Today David Gregory ends his “meet the press” show by saying “happy passover and then says happy easter”.
I must admit I googled him up to see if he was Jewish and found it he is Jewish.

Oh yes, he was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart some months ago and Stewart made several jokes about the two of them being Jewish.

I’m not quite sure about your objection, though, because I missed Meet the Press. Are objecting to not enough TV personalities recognizing Passover and Easter, or that Gregory may have added Easter late, say as in a afterthought?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]What was insensitive???[/FONT]

Well maybe it because my back went out and Im grumpy, but im sitting there on my bed watching Meet the Press and Gregory wished everyone ( i persume me too) a happy Pass Over. Am I to celebrate Pass Over and wish others the same thing? Ok im being disengenious, but if he wants to include the Jewish audience it would be nice if he mentions them second. If im speakng in front of 100 Jews and 6 Christians I would say Happy Pass over before Happy Easter. Thats just me, to me thats being fair and SENSITIVE to ones audience.

Geregory’s exact words were " Thank you for watching meet the Press I would like to wish all of you a “Happy Passover” and I would like to wish all of you a Happy Easter.

Sorry, I can’t respond to this. :shrug:

I see no problem with what David Gregory had to say.

So…would you be complaining if he said “Happy Easter and Happy Passover” if you were Jewish?

I am simply putting myself in David Gregorys shoes. David Gregory has an audience which is predominantly Christian, (he knows that) to mention his faith before the faith of the majority of his watchers is insensitive. If I were Jewish and David Gregory, I would surely put the majority first. Thats good tast and having a good sense of fairness.He was way too provensial on Sunday.

And that would be fine. But I don’t see anything wrong with what he said, either. :shrug:

The order in which Gregory said these is trivial.

I agree. The man is Jewish so of course he is going to say that. Its his faith. Just like during Christmas I will say Merry Christmas before I will say happy Hanukkah. Just be happy that he acknowledged God at all.

Trivial beyond belief! For those of you offended, I say get a life!

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