David Haas

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I really like most of David Haas’ music. I listen to it a lot while working. And most of it I think is appropriate for liturgy. I know some will disagree with that statement, but it does inspire me.

Anyways, with that said, he recently came to our parish and had a concert. On the second day, he kind of started going off on a tangent and forced me to go research him. I was surprised to see what I found. A lot of promotion for non catholic beliefs. I’ll just leave it at that he has very liberal views on the direction the church needs to head. I’d suggest googling his ministry creed as well.

The most concerning thing I heard however, and maybe I misunderstood this, was regarding the Eucharist. He pretty much said that the host is not consecrated until we receive it. Nothing is changed in it until we receive it.

I’m hoping that I misunderstood this however I felt very uncomfortable and it seemed very out of place and anti catholic. I’ll be speaking to my priest about it and see his thoughts.

Please be more specific. What did he say and write, exactly? You have made serious accusations on a public forum and we have no way to evaluate them.

What started all my research was when he said the host is not consecrated until a person consumes it.

From there, I found stuff online about how he has been affiliated with Call to Action. Google “David Haas Creed” and it is some interesting stuff. You’ll also find an article from a musical director saying he will never play anything by Haas and the comments section includes a bunch of directors echoing the author’s feelings.

His facebook has some interesting statements as well. Very pro homosexual rights and woman having bigger roles in the church. Posted a painting of harvey milk that maid it look like it was a saint prayer card.

I know that he had an “icon” of Harvey Milk with a saint’s halo where he said “Harvey Milk. Pray for Us. Now, more than ever.” on his facebook page (here). He also wrote a piece called “Dear Sister God” in the early 90s. I have seen reports that he has been a speaker at dissident “Call to Action” events, but I have never seen a program that actually has him listed as a speaker. It is possible as he freely says that he supports progressive politics and other reports of talks with his ex-wife to “purge the Church of ‘exclusive language’” falls along the same lines.

Personally I can’t stand his music and nothing I’ve read about him inspires me. At best I feel like he’s a Catholic that struggles with following a Church he doesn’t support or perhaps understand.

Personally, I don’t believe the man is Catholic. Our parish is now very enamored of him - using a lot of his music, having workshops, etc.

We just had a crucifixion-less stations from David Haas for this Lenten Friday, supposedly with quotes from Pope Francis. I don’t know if the words I heard were from Pope Francis or David Haas or someone else. We had printed booklets to follow, but they really had very little in them. Certainly not for the long meditations that were read as we sat mostly quietly listening for close to 90 minutes.

Besides the music being pretty uninspiring, there were two points in the meditations that almost made me jump up and leave - or say something.

In one meditation, something like this was said: “God has no absolutes.”
In another meditation on the Good Samaritan, it was, “This it the Real Presence”, and “This is the Transubstantiation.”


I feel assaulted and weary. If they don’t want to be Catholic, why don’t they just leave?

In nature, parasites feed on a host until they kill it. This can happen inside the Church, except that the Church will never die.

To the uncatechised and unwary, and itchy eared, that “Clear Faith Publishing” blurb is enticing:

David Haas has once again gifted us with a transformative and moving journey…has motivated him to craft (!) a creative and thoughtful prayer experience to resource (!!!) and enliven the lives of many. This contemporary walk finds its inspiration and foundation in the traditional Stations of the Cross…

Who composes this stuff!!! :eek:
George Orwell had nothing on this Newspeak!

The only cart it should be added to is a garbage cart, probably along with one or more other offerings!

I tried to find the source of the controversy and could not come up with anything original, or unlinked. I have no issue with his music, some of which is quite good and some quite forced. Like all composers, I believe in choosing the best he has to use and avoid the mundane, hard to sing, or problematic.

The last thing we should be doing is engaging in gossip, so I have no comment on him as a person except the one impression that is based on what I personally know. His presentation of himself is self-aggrandizing. I do not mind if he is from the Taize community or any Protestant denomination, as that is not a requirement of Catholic music. He would not be one I would ever want for a Catholic retreat, of course, as that is not what he is. He is a Composer and into Taize spirituality. Likewise, I would not want him for a political rally as he is too left coast for me. So, as a composer, I will take what I like and leave the rest.

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