David Hogg to ‘Old’ Nancy Pelosi: ‘Move . . . off the Plate and Let Us Take Control’


Back in April I warned people about David Hogg.

He is not the kind of “spokesman” I would want representing me (and I suspect many people of very different political persuasions than me even feel the same way.)

I attempted to delicately show how he was talking about HIS OWN parents pretty disrespectfully (“disrespectfully” too mild a term here) for those that may not know.

That warning from me was in this post . . .

Unfortunately the Youtube site I linked to is now gone and you cannot see David Hogg talk about his parents this way.

Why is it important?

Because if you are going to use Hogg for a spokesman, you need to know who he is. (A bull in a china shop comes to mind).

So these quotes/links are still going to be genteel for internet discussion, but a little less delicate than I wanted . . .

“When your old-a** parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the ****ing phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a ****ing democracy, so we have to.”–David Hogg


Here is another aspect of this one but I will hide the front page by word linking it here.

And one more . . .


Well Hogg is now back in the news and not in a good way.

Hogg is attacking Nancy Pelosi in a manner even I (who don’t agree politically with many of Congresswoman Pelosi’s ideas) would think is waaay out of bounds.

You can say what you want about Congresswoman Pelosi needing to step aside, but I thought this was a very inappropriate and wreckless admonition from Hogg.

Guys like Hogg don’t just “eat their own” (in my opinion by his actions). They tend to be very self-destructive in the long run.

If I were a liberal Democrat, I would ALSO be bothered by how Hogg frequently implicitly thinks (evidence = actions) he has the authority to speak for other liberal Democrats (“let US . . .”, not "let me" . . . Sometimes that is OK. But Hogg seems to overplay his ability to speak on behalf of others in my estimation anyway).


I find David Hogg very unappealing and unlikeable as a spokesperson. A male version of Hillary Clinton!


He’ll eventually implode. It just takes one tweet or allegation.


Yet another teenager that knows it all…
( I can roll my eyes too David ) :roll_eyes:


Prayers for this young man to heal after facing an incredible tragedy.


Anastasia also wants control.


I never thought I would support Nancy Pelosi in anything, but against Hogg, I surely would.


Ridgerunner . . . .

I never thought I would support Nancy Pelosi in anything . . .

I was thinking almost the same thing!

I had thought . . . "I don’t recall ever publicly supporting Nancy Pelosi on any position. (I am sure she has taken positions on things I WOULD be supportive of. I just didn’t think of any off hand.)

But I will stand in her corner on this one. Not on behalf of her leadership, but on behalf of her decency and in opposition to the disrespect of Hogg here.

The other thing I have thought of is the media people who are egging on Hogg’s geyser-like mouth.

Hogg is going to mature (hopefully) and when he looks back on the inappropriate nature of his own comments, and the fact that this is the internet (so as those comments WON’T go away, he will realize that some in the media have been exploiting him over the years for their personal gain too.), he will feel like he has “been had”.


I’m not at all sure of that. Everything about him strongly suggests “fundamentally bad person”.


Ridgerunner . . .

I’m not at all sure of that.

Yep. I’m not sure of it either but I hope he advances from where he is now (I know you hope for his best too).

(I’ve gotta remember to pray more for the “David Hoggs” of this world.)


I find him more like a young version of Trump!


David, just a little tip from one of the " old !*+$^@# " of the world that seem to annoy you so much by our very presence here on earth…

You act as if you already know everything, but you have really got to do your homework there buddy. Gavin Newsom is one of the up and coming young hot shots in the Democratic Party ( and sad to say, will probably be Cali’s next governor ). Nancy Pelosi is Gavin Newsom’s aunt by marriage. You REALLY want to go there and make enemies of THAT family as you begin your political career? :laughing: :joy:


This kid is a doofus. It would be nice if a classmate of his would come out and say he doesn’t speak for them.


In a fight between David and Nancy, I don’t particularly care who wins.


Not a chance!


I don’t either, but in a cage fight, I’d put my money on Nancy.


There is no doubt Nancy is an experienced scrapper.


Who is financing David Hogg?


I would tell you but… I’ve said too much already…


Thank you for the funny image and quip Cruciferi.

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