David Irving gives angry speech at Glasgow hotel


Holocaust denier David Irving gave a speech in Glasgow over the weekend in which, alongside his usual shtick of attacking Jews, he said that Hitler was still popular in Germany, and expounded his love of living in Scotland, explaining: “When I was born England was white, like Inverness. That’s why I like living [in Inverness] because it is England as I remember it.”
He continued in this vein, painting himself as the victim of his own narrative - “When you look at the way these people for the last 50 years have spent 50 years trying to destroy me and my family, as Jews, they have done this as Jews, I criticise them and they accuse me of antisemitism.”

At another point Irving claimed that Hitler was still very popular in Germany: “They all say they admire him immensely. Admiration for him is super abundant.”

He also complained bitterly about negative reviews for his books in The Sunday Times and elsewhere. “I remember we got a four-page review in The Sunday Times from Arthur Koestler. He didn’t like the book…another Jew, what was his name, Rosenthal, something like that. He called it a ‘bucketful of slime’.”



Well, he sounds like a loon.


As we can see, hatred is its own punishment. He is already living in a hell of his own construction.


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