David, Moses' names in LXX?


How did the Jewish people handle the move from Hebrew to Greek with the names of Moses, David, and Noah?

Do those words, if they were translated, come into the N. T.?


I still read Moses’ name as Mosche, Noah as Noach and Jerusalem as Yerushalayim, if you were to transliterate the Hebrew. There are many others but those are straight off the top of my head. It doesn’t change the meaning of who they were and their impacts on the spiritual and/or political growth of the ancient Israelites.

A lot of other names are are pronunciation matters (i.e. David with a long “i” and Tsion for Zion).


Μωϋσῆς (MwusEs)
Δαυὶδ (Dauid)
Νῶε (Nwe)



I know it might sound strange asking this kind of question.

So thanks!!!


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