David Sneddon: Student missing for 12 years was 'kidnapped to teach English to Kim Jong-un'



**The family of a college student who disappeared during a 2004 trip to China see new signs for hope after a Japanese news agency reported that he was kidnapped by the North Korean government. **

The article continues at the link.


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[quote=The Independent]Knowing North Korea’s reputation for kidnapping foreigners

There are widespread allegations that North Korea, for several decades, has sent agents to various countries to kidnap people. The victims would be secretly taken to North Korea, where they were to serve as tutors to help North Korean spies learn foreign languages and customs. North Korea would never acknowledge the presence of these persons, who were never allowed contact with anyone outside of North Korea.

In addition to the American mentioned in the OP, many believe the kidnap victims include people from Malaysia, Thailand, Romania, Lebanon, France, the Netherlands and Japan. Especially from Japan, where dozens or even hundreds may have been abducted.



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