David Warren . Cult worship

I don’t know where to post this article but is a good one:

Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One of the persistent themes of these columns, especially over the last couple of years, has been what might be abbreviated to, “Scientism versus Christianity.” It is a way of looking at the postmodern revolution that has swept through all western societies in the last few decades. I say “postmodern” because it is the fulfillment of a much older “modernist” project, going back centuries: to replace the authority of the Christian religion with some “enlightened” human authority.

The paradox here is that the exponents of “enlightenment” have, wherever they have come to power, brought regimes of unmitigated darkness and irrationality. What makes the present special, is that they are triumphing everywhere. Indeed, nothing so vindicates the church’s view of the necessity of Christian government, as what happens when it is removed.

The problem with scientific moral standards is that science has no moral standards. I think this is the key to much that seems chaotic in the endless demands of “progressives” and “activists” on outwardly unrelated fronts. I am increasingly convinced that a wide range of phenomena, from environmentalist hysterias, to assaults on social “stereotypes,” to the retreat before radical Islam, all depend on this peculiar ambition to replace something with nothing.


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