Davidic Line

Ave Maria

I was wondering about the line of David and if it’s still active today. Is the line broken or still active?

Also, is the Melchizedek priesthood successive line only active in the Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches?


Melchizedek line of priesthood had no beginning or end. Christ was a priest in the “Order of Melchizedek” in that Christ is a priest by His own right. Jesus did not inherit his priesthood from anyone except the Father! Any apostolic church has the priesthood of Jesus, sometimes called the order of Melchizedek (not to be confused with the Mormon clergy’s claim to the Order of Melchizedek).

The line of David was a royal line, and Jesus did inherit the title King of Israel from David, though He is King of Kings, again, by His own right. At this point, most people of Jewish decent probably share David as an ancestor, so all Jews are little bit royal!

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