David's Sin (How was he allowed to stay with Bathsehba)


David committed adultery with Bathsheba, and God punished him by killing his son. However, how was David allowed to stay in sin by still staying with Bathsheba and having several other wives? David was after Moses’ time, so he had to have followed his law.


David could lawfully live with Bathsheba after the death of her husband, David being the murderer of her husband notwithstanding.



Yes, but did he not have multiple wives?


Yes, he did, and no, that was not against civil or religious law at that time.


So having several wives did not count as adultery?


No. Have you never read the Old Testament? The Torah, in particular, contains legislation on how a husband was to deal with multiple wives.


He was allowed to stay with her because god punished the innocent child that was born from that union


Thanks. I have read the Old Testament, however, like many, I clearly have a lot to learn!


God was punishing David for having the husband of Bathsehba killed.

Life is a gift from God, to be had as long as he desires. Everyone dies at different ages, according to what God desires. Since it is a gift, it may be given for different lengths of time. For this child it was a gift that was of short duration in this world but never ending in the next.


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