Davis' Primary Losses in Border Counties Encourage GOP

In an election year in which Hispanic voters are crucial to Democratic success, the first feud of the now-official general election gubernatorial match-up is being fueled by state Sen. Wendy Davis’ primary performance on the border.

Davis, the Fort Worth Democrat who will face Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott in November, won the statewide nomination handily. But she lost several border counties with large Hispanic populations — including counties in the Rio Grande Valley and the Laredo area — to Corpus Christi Municipal Court Judge Ray Madrigal, a candidate with no statewide name recognition. According to a report filed at the Texas Ethics Commission, he also raised and spent no money on his campaign.

Abbott campaign officials and allies were quick to jump on Davis’ losses in left-leaning South Texas — a region where Davis has campaigned and must come out strong if she hopes to be competitive in November. Her numbers, while well above Abbott’s in those counties, boosted Republicans’ argument that Hispanics may not be a given for Davis’ camp. Abbott’s first general election rally will be held this week in Edinburg, in the Rio Grande Valley.


Much more telling to me was the total votes. Greg Abbot had almost 800,000 votes cast for him in a race that wasn’t even hotly contested while Ms. Davis had barely 200,000 votes. Numbers are always light in primary races but the Democrats seemed especially unenthusiastic. (not that I want them to be otherwise. ;))

Boy, I didn’t vote for Greg Abbott in the primary. I sure will in November. I can’t believe Wendy Davis got the nomination. Her claim to statewide fame is that she is a hard core abortionist. This is going to be a blow out.




I am not surprised that Davis lost in the border counties where most are Latino and Catholic. They would never vote for a big abortion supporter.

But she still has no chance in the entire state of Texas, even though she won the primary as a whole.

I have been in Texas most of my life and a Democrat has not won a statewide post for 20 years or so. Texas has always been a one party dictatorship only the party changed 20 years ago from conservative Democrat to conservative Republican the policies and politics have remained the same.

I remember when Texas liberals voted Republican, not too many years ago.

Used to be here in Texas that the Democrats had all the votes. Locally we had a number of politicians that switched from the Democratic party to the Republican party in the last 2-3 years. They noted that they did not leave the party, the party left them. The people have supported them, all are still in office one election later.


The Democratic dominance dates back to post-Civil War politics. I would be willing to bet that if the Democratic Party would just give up their abortion campaign, it would almost balance back. Give up that and homosexuality issues, they could win in Texas.

But they won’t, ever. at all.

In other words, stop being who they are and the Democrats would be in business in Texas?


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