Day 11 - "emptying oneself of the spirit of the world"


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I continue to pray for grace to empty myself of “the spirit of the world which opposes the Spirit of Christ”, I cannot help but think of the recent scandals involving the Catholic Clergy. It is so important for all of us to remember that we are members of the Body of Christ, and as one member hurts we all hurt.

We are as weak as our weakest member for we are members of another, (cf Eph 4) but our Head is Christ Himself and He alone can purify and continue to purify us. The Church is Holy because He is Holy, despite the weakness of many members. He told us: “Without Me you can do nothing”.( cf Jn 15) Do we believe Jesus Christ, or do we believe in the world and/ or in ourselves? Do we ask for the grace we need to remain faithful to the graces and gifts given to us at Baptism?

Do we pray not only for ourselves but for the upbuilding of the Body of Christ? Do we examine our conscience in the Light of God’s Revealtion in Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church? Do we pray for God’s Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds and strengthen our wills to know what is within us that may yet be opposing the Spirit of Christ?

I ask these questions of myself, dear brothers and sisters and I write them today to encourage you to question yourselves too – that we all – who call ourselves Christian Catholics – may look seriously within our hearts and minds to see that each one of us IS indeed emptying ourselves of the spirit of the world. By God’s Grace let us not be in opposition to the Spirit of Christ… by His Grace let us seek to follow Christ as Mary and all the Saints have done!

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your Faithful, kindle in us the Fire of Your Love. You were sent to the Church at Pentecost to be our Sanctifier and to bring us into ALL Truth.
Jesus, we trust in You, Whom the Father sent to save us in Great Love.
Mary, Mother and Model of the Church, pray for us! St. Joseph, Protector pray for us. St. Louis de Montfort and all you holy saints and angels, pray for us.


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