Day 11

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we draw closer to the end of the preliminary period of 12 days, preparing to consecrate ourselves totally to Jesus through Mary. In the suggested reading for this day from the* Imitation of Christ*:

…There is one thing that keeps many back from spiritual progress, and from fervor in amendment namely: the labor that is necessary for the struggle. And assuredly they especially advance beyond others in virtues, who strive the most manfully to overcome the very things which are the hardest and most contrary to them…

It is not easy to “rid ourselves of the spirit of the world” because it can so easily entangle us. Nevertheless, as we said from the outset, the desire of our hearts is most important. Do we truly desire to love Jesus and Mary more? Then to labor against the spirit which is contrary to The Holy Spirit becomes more important than our own ease.

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