Day 16 - (Wk 1- Day 4) seeking the grace of self-knowledge


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As in our 12 preliminary days of seeking to empty oursleves of the spirit of the world which is opposed to the spirit of Jesus, so too during the first week seeking grace to know ourselves truly, in order not to oppose God’s Holy Spirit, we recognize: 12 days or a week - both are so short a time!!! Our journey lasts all our lives, but as St. Catherine of Siena learned: “All the way to heaven is heaven for Jesus said, 'I am the way”. Our confidence is in Him! He gives us His strength for the journey.

Let us continue to spend this week seeking the grace we need. Self-knowledge is so important – and when the Holy Spirit reveals our faults and failings let us be grateful, repent, and by God’s Grace do the Truth we hear from Him in the time He gives us.

Again, if you have questions or would like to share anything, as we journey together, you are most welcome to add your prayerful thoughts to these threads. Please let us continue to pray for one another, for as one member grows closer to God in holiness, the whole Body of Christ builds itself up in Love. (cf Ephesians 4)

Litany to the Holy Spirit - HERE
Ave Maris Stella - HERE
Litany of the Virgin Mary - HERE


It is AMAZING when you begin this consecration how the Holy Spirit takes over and if you are serious about it He will show you yourself as you truly are… sometimes really selfish and self centered.
Once I heard this internal message (not this time) "You are still thinking of yourself too much."
I knew it was true then and sadly it’s still true now. But I don’t know how to stop that. That is why I’m trying again. Hopefully He will show me the way, via Mother Mary!


Dear Petra,

Thanks so much for your reply. I agree whole-heartedly that the Holy Spirit comes to us when we are serious about giving ourselves totally. God assures us that if we ask we will receive (cf Mt 7: 7-11), but how many of us ask with faith, and persevere?

I’m so grateful to God for giving you the grace to begin again. Someone wrote that self-love dies 15 minutes after we do. It is a constant battle, Petra, because the evil one does not give up tempting us.

St. Louis de Montfort knew this and so he tells us to renew our Consecration. It is not a once in a lifetime event but it is the beginning of a total giving as God gives us His grace to grow in holiness. Neither of us can stop the evil one from tempting us but we can continually believe God will give us His grace to overcome temptation, if we ask with faith, hope and above all charity. The Litany to the Holy Spirit can help us appreciate how powerful the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives.

If when we experience our selfishness rising up to refuse some good God wants us to do, let us be grateful to see our weakness and immediately ask God’s help. Without Him we can do nothing. If we catch ourselves worrying about ourselves, let us ask God to increase our faith in Him. God looks at our hearts, Petra, He knows us and what we need. He gave us our Mother Mary to be our refuge and our help. Her words to St. Juan Diego are always a blessing for me. She said to him:

"Am I not your Mother? Are you not in the crossing of my arms?

When we are tempted to be discouraged about our selfishness less us think of being safe in Mary’s arms, close to Jesus! :slight_smile: By God’s Grace, let us think of Mary often, instead of thinking so much about ourselves. She will help us to keep our eyes on Jesus as she did while on this earth.


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