Day 2: Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing

They had inside information, too.

What province? Health care is provincial jurisdiction.

Could you summarize what she said about it? I’m having trouble using my Google fu to find it! Thanks!

The discussion started with Obama’s objections with someone writing a book about Hillary. I wish I could remember more. Maybe YouTube will have the whole hearing. I’ll check.

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No, I’ll eventually find it…thanks for trying! Much appreciated…

Watching parts of the hearings as alleviated some of my skepticism towards Amy Coney Barrett. She showcased remarkable intelligence and a sense of humor.

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I can’t see the Repubs doing court packing. They put up with a liberal court for a long time without doing anything but taking their turn at appointments.

Missed that. Sorry I did.

Yes, and once they achieved their appointments (7-2) they made abortion legal, setting a precedent even Amy Barrett acknowledged. A little bit of irony there.

Not all Repub appointees to the Court have been prolife, not even all of the Catholic ones. But at least they have appointed some justices who are prolife. The Democrats have appointed none, and there’s no reason to expect them to do so anywhere in the near future, as their candidates are all vetted by NARAL.

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None since JFK anyway. Carter whom the Evangelicals endorsed didn’t make any SC appointments.

I thought Ben Sasse of Nebraska had the best speech of the senators yesterday because he brought in baseball. I had a different baseball analogy in mind. Consider an umpire in a game tied in the bottom of the ninth inning. The bases are loaded with a full count on the batter and the pitch is two inches outside. If the pitch is called a ball, the visiting team loses the game. The Democrat umpire says, “Well he meant to throw a strike, and I feel sorry for the team that will lose, so I will call it a strike.”

I believe the future Justice Barrett will call them like she sees them. If she is confirmed I will no longer have to say that Justice Scalia is the only Supreme Court Justice that I have met in person. The only other conflict will be whether we in her adopted state of Indiana can claim her or the people of Louisiana can claim her. Both Justice Scalia and Judge Barrett were guests of honor at the Red Mass held in our cathedral. Scalia’s turn was in 2001, only a few weeks after 9/11. Our cathedral was crawling with security people that day.

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