Day 2 Trump March Rally Nov. 15th

No “DISCLAIMER” under the youtube video feed today because it is a smaller rally today so fewer viewers - same broadcaster…

1.7 miles of people across the street. -( 1 million people)

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Apparently Gil Scott-Heron was wrong, the revolution will be televised and will be more idiotic and bizarre than anyone could have possibly imagined when he composed that piece.


Working in DC for years made me pretty much write off every one of these marches as a big waste of time and lacking in bathrooms. I went to the March for Life once just to see - it was more like a field trip for high school kids than anything else, but that’s okay I guess if they behave themselves and enjoy it - and I have been on the Rosary Rally marches and on one march where lawyers were protesting other lawyers being oppressed and jailed in the Middle East, however most of these great big marches aren’t worth my time and do nothing but cause a headache for normal people trying to go about their business.


1,000,000, Seriously? That is their claim? The march, which later erupted into violence, was more like a few tens of thousands from numerous estimates. They were only shy at most, 900,000 of their goal and their claim.


Do explain yourself, if you would be so kind.

1 Screenshot 2020-11-15 152610|690x495](upload://zej0HeebOv9VCqPvaMDerhKmQCj.png) twitter crowd 3 Screenshot 2020-11-15 152448 (2)

The first day the March was 1.7 miles long so there was a good turnout.

They always said the same for March for Life but EWTN estimated it as 400 to 650 thousands for a number of years.

Freedom Plaza is a pretty large area.

You familiar with Gil Scott-Heron’s work? If not:-

From the comments under that on YouTube:-

‘the revolution will be filtered on google, the revolution will be demonotized on youtube, the revolution will be banned from pateron, won’t be facebooked, and is unverified on twitter.’

Couldn’t help laughing when I read that, Gil wrote this thing long before the Internet after all. He was fairly prophetic at time but he didn’t anticipate all the maddness and distortion of reality the Internet age has wrought.


Please indulge my Asperger’s and speak plainly.


Listen to the song - it is a fairly well known piece. Basically Gil is making the point that the revolution if it happened would not something to watch on TV, it would be happening ‘on the streets’ and ‘live’. Even in 1971 when he was writing that I think that probably only partly true and any revolution would be being endless commented on as it occurred as indeed was happening with several major social movements then.

Knowing human nature, knowing good and evil, I think it best to place all in perspective. As with the revolution in Cuba, it is good for us to ask what it accomplished. In the post-revolution era, are the people better off physically? Spiritually? Revolutions are ideas in action.

Not all ideas are good ideas.

  • Steven Wright

That could of course be asked of all revolutions and I’d say ultimately nearly all of them are eventual failures, they just take longer to fail in some cases than others.

You are in the UK, correct?

I am indeed.

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Differences in lattitude…

    ETWN would inflate the crowd attendance, of course. It is not an unbiased source. Many independent verified reports have already estimated that the number in attendance to the 2020 March For Life was in the tens of thousands, up to 100,000. That would be about the same for the "One Million MAGA March".  Trump's claim about his 2016 inauguation attended was grossly overstated a well. Actually, not much as an overstatement, but a lie. Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that it was the largest inauguration in history. 
     Regarding the MAGA March. reenshots of both matches are evidence of the 100,000 attendance numbers, tops. Great detective work with the photos, you've proven the estimated crowd numbers at the MAGA March, an even that Trump himself did not even bother to attend. His motorcade did pass some of the marches.........on his way to the airport..........for his weekly golfing excursion..........during a raging and exponentially worsening Coronavirus Pandemic.

A march that he did not bother attending, by the way. This shows how important he regards his followers. Oh, his motorcade did pass some of the marchers, after leaving the White House, directly on his way to the airport, to golf yet another weekend.

EWTN is a Catholic TV network. You are on a Catholic site . . EWTN showed the video of the crowd and put out their own estimates. .

Freedom Plaza isn’t really that large, certainly unable to accommodate several hundred thousand people. I’ve been to DC. The entire White House, with both wings, can fit on Freedom Plaza, it’s not that large. It’s not like it’s the National Mall or St. Peter’s Square…

    Exactly, EWTN's own estimates. Anf yes, this I'd a Catholic site, but neither EWTN, nor Catholic Answers, bless their hearts, speak for all American Catholics. And the majority of American Catholics are not representative of either. And I am Catholic and Pro-Life, and I'm not even going to dispute the fact that it is terrific that even if 100,000 tops attended the annual march. That's a great thing. But, I do not rely on subjective opinions, any source, even Catholic sources, including EWTN, for example, regarding crowd size. 
     But we drifted from the overstated number of attendees at the "Million MAGA March", whose organizers would indeed, as well, inflate the crowd size. It's not like that Trump followers would intentionally use alternative facts regarding crowd size specifically, specifically regarding the White House issuing an official statement, as stated by White Housr Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, that Trump's 2017 Inauguration attendance was the "largest in history." Everyone remembers that fiasco and the photos disproving the lie. MAGA's seem to have an unusual preoccupation with the size of things. Just sayin'.
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, Screenshot 2020-11-15 153712

This was only one of a number of related areas filled with people so t the turnout seemed good. I have no idea of exact numbers. I am only taking their estimates that they quoted and I also taking the estimates of EWTN .

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