Day 21 - Mar. 12

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today's suggested reading from St. Louis de Montfort:

The Secret of Mary: Nos. 23–24

If we would go up to God, and be united with Him, we must use the same means He used to come down to us to be made Man and to impart His graces to us. This means is a true devotion to our Blessed Lady. There are several true devotions to our Lady: here I do not speak of those which are false. The first consists in fulfilling our Christian duties, avoiding mortal sin, acting more out of love than with fear, praying to our Lady now and then, honoring her as the Mother of God, yet without having any special devotion to her. The second consists in entertaining for our Lady more perfect feelings of esteem and love, of confidence and veneration. It leads us to join the Confraternities of the Holy Rosary and of the Scapular, to recite the five or the fifteen decades of the Holy Rosary, to honor Mary's images and altars, to publish her praises and to enroll ourselves in her modalities. This devotion is good, holy and praiseworthy if we keep ourselves free from sin. But it is not so perfect as the next, nor so efficient in severing our soul from creatures, in detaching ourselves in order to be united with Jesus Christ. The third devotion to our Lady, known and practiced by very few persons, is this I am about to disclose to you, predestinate soul. It consists in giving one's self entirely and as a slave to Mary, and to Jesus through Mary, and after that, to do all that we do, through Mary, with Mary in Mary and for Mary We should choose a special feast day on which we give, consecrate and sacrifice to Mary voluntarily lovingly and without constraint, entirely and without reserve: our body and soul, our exterior property such as house, family and income, and also our interior and spiritual possessions: namely, our merits, graces, virtues, and satisfactions.
St. Louis pondered in his heart all God's Word and looked at Mary as God has revealed her. What honor The Father bestowed on this humble handmaid of His! He entrusted her with His Only Begotten Son. What honor the Son showed her in submitting Himself to Mary as His Mother! What honor the Holy Spirit gave her in overshadowing her and making her fruitful! With what eagerness ought we to give ourselves to God as she did! By His Grace, He desires to do great things in us as He did in Mary.

Let us continue with haste this wonderful journey to the Feast of the Annunciation! Please, let us also continue to pray for one another and for all those in most need of His Mercy.

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