"Day of Ashura" between Judaism & Islam.

10-1-1432H (16-December-2010) represents a holy day for Muslims where they fast according to hadith by Muhammed, that day represent two occasions for Muslims, the first one is because Moses fasted that day to express gratitude to God for liberating the Israelites from Egypt (The Exodus), and the second one (only for Shia) represents the day of the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali.

My question concerning the first part, how can we know that it’s the exact day to fast if the Jewish calendar is different than the Arabic one?, and when that exact day according to the Jewish calendar?

hi sam. isnt Ashura 10 days long? i know it started on the 7th of december, and that it commemorates the murder of husayn ibn ali, the grandson of muhammed, and only the shia celebrate it. but i did not know, that it was being practiced before this occurance. what do the sunis and wahabist do to celebrate it? thanx much. Peace and prayers for you. :slight_smile:

Maybe those 10 days for Shia (I don’t know their customs), but for us Sunnis we celebrate that day by fasting it as mentioned in the hadith in my original post.

thank you sam. didnt even know about this holiday, until we came here. they only gave us the brief on the shia, because this is very emotional holiday for them. peace :slight_smile:

Just be careful then, there are usually more attacks on that day…

your not joking. we had three very well placed mortars land, the first day of ashura. the first sailed right over our heads, and landed right where i had been 5 minutes before. the second was closer, and the third, we saw the flash. it was close. thankfully no one was hurt or killed. Peace to you my friend.

May the LORD protects you all…
And May the LORD enlightening the hearts of those attackers to know the true path…

For (Sunni) Muslims it’s recommended to have two days of fasting, actually. Either the day of and the day before, or the day of and the following day, instead of just the one.

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