Day of Silence - April 17th - Keep Your students Home

Saw this on Mass Resistance.

“A national coalition of pro-family organizations urging parents to call their children out of school on April 17. This is the day designated for this year’s Day of Silence when students and/or teachers will purposely remain silent during instructional time to protest so-called discrimination and gain sympathy for students who identify as homosexual or transgender.”

Last year, 495 students stayed home from Mt. Si High School in Seattle during the Day of Silence after Pastor Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church spread the word. The incident made national news.

I don’t know if this is worth missing school over but maybe it depends on the community. My school does this yearly and it is very confusing. It may depend on the school. Ours is in memorial of a middle schooler in California who was killed because of his sexuality. This was very hard for me to decide whether to participate or not to last year. My school is very liberal so if you don’t wear rainbow colors that day they think you’re a bigot. If you happen to ware red or any color they think you are all for homosexuality. I decided to keep that day of silence not for the acceptance of homosexuality as natural but as a means to remind the faithful that Jesus commands us to love one another in charity. I also did not want to be confused for being pro-homosexuality so I wore all black that day. On my black shirt a printed bible verses that reminded us of charity and to slow down on judging; sadly people assumed because I had bible verses that I was “judging” homosexuals. The few that read my shirt did not understand except for my one teacher who recognized it from the sermon on the mount.

A blessing I got from that day was God started to introduce me to dealing with and thinking about these serious sins. How to love but not back down. I thank God for that because that same year my sister decided she was a lesbian. She now lives with a girlfriend and her girlfriend’s son. :signofcross: Another blessing I count is that I know that I can hold fast to my moral beliefs even when the issues strike home. Now that I remember unannounced to me she was actually openly homosexual at that time and my parents told me that summer.

So-called discrimination? Actual discrimination exists against homosexuals and trans-sexuals, on a daily basis, actually exists in the form of daily slurs and insults. Where it does exist, it does indeed deserve to be protested. Opposing that discrimination does not mean that one has to support gay marriage, no more than opposing segregation would have led to joining the Black Panthers.

For that matter, I would like to see Catholic parents not send their children to school on Good Friday!

I firmly believe that social issues and religious observances should be addressed on the home front.

If teachers and students are silent, who’s teaching and who’s learning?

An entire school day is neither the time nor the place for this. I’d rather see students address issues of social activism after school or in the debate club.

Forget the social activism so the children can be good workers , when grown up. Who cares if they are good citizens!

aspawloski4th, please don’t misunderstand me; your sarcasm comes across loud and clear. :confused: It confuses me, as well…perhaps I wasn’t clear.

I am not saying that students should not be engaged in such activities. However, they should ask questions and talk appropriately during Algebra, Biology, English Grammar and Composition, English Literature, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Geometry, Choir, or even Pottery!

It’s one day! We are not training them for the work world quite yet, thats what college is for. When children we are preparing them for everything in adulthood, not just a job. If this was happening all the time , I’d object, but it’s just one day. Thats the problem , we have plenty of people who know their jobs , but hardly anyone seems to know much outside of their d-mn job these days.

so are you saying let schools teach your kids about social issues?

Schools should only be for teaching reading, writing, math, etc… not social issues, that’s the parents job. if it was up to me I’ll take all my kids out of so called schools for good, today schools are nothing but a social playground. Yes if that’s the case I will keep my kids home that day.

How does a school teach history without teaching social issues? Is it possible?

did you noticed I didn’t mention history? LOL, just kidding, of course we need history, a history of how homosexuality have destroyed nations and people, not to tolerate or accept it!

We are called as Catholics by the Catechism to avoid discrimination:

**2358 **The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

Schools have taught social issues, it’s called history, social studies, heck it can even get into biology. Children are going to have to learn how to think for theemselves. While the parent is the primary teacher, not every child has involved parents. With some cases the school fills in the gaps. Schools are not supposed to be indoctrination centers, but after going through school one should be more aware of the world around him.

I do not believe that the Catholic Church teaches that we should discriminate against, insult, or persecute homosexuals. In fact, I believe it teaches the exact opposite.

that’s fine, they can fill the gaps for those who’s parents don’t teach them at home, just don’t teach mine…

if God doesn’t tolerate homosexuality why should I? I don’t have to accept a bad behavior or any bad behavior that could influence any of my children in bad way. we as parents are supposed to be protectors of our children. the church also teaches us to avoid sin and the near occasions of sin.

Thanks for the heads up. I have forwarded this to my list.:thumbsup:

Hi, Bass!

kage_ar’s post including the section in the Catechism dealing with this is a really great reply to your question. It’s just a few posts above your last one, I think (it’s post #11), so I won’t requote and post it again.

Very well said, kage_ar!

In Christian love and charity,


I’m just curious of something. With the children in the 2 groups mentioned by the OP. What are you saying about the violence and discrimination against them? One be against treating them bod, while still not advocating their actions. You speak of being protectors to our children in the context of , thinking you can protect them from everything. I read your profile> Don’t get the idea that you can protect them from everything. I’m the oldest of 8. I have a father who would just assume have the Medieval Catholic church back ,and a mother who thinks the medesty of the Queen Victorian era didn’t go far enough. Well 3 of my siblings left the church, 2 got pregnant before their weddings, 2 siblings are Feuding worse than the Hatfields and McCoys, and I’m oficially dianosed gender dysphorinc. Sheltering did good huh?! But setting examples can do good. All 8 of us are right to lifers.

Of course I read it, and its talking about the persons “who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies” not the practicing ones! If there are practicing homosexuals out there I will have no relation with them accept to pay for them, period.

Perhaps this is why there are so many young Catholics today supporting gay marriage. I don’t pretend to know everything, but to accept and respect practicing homosexuals is accepting their sin as well. Nope, my primary responsibility is my children.

sorry that your family fell apart. I have become an advocate to help defeat the idiology of homosexuality for one reason and one reason only. one of my children have been brainwashed to believe gays are normal and have the right to marry in a church. My child is not gay, but I fear that her children may fall into it because of her tolerance to this lifestyle. So this is the reason I am devoted to this cause, it may sound selfish I am only doing it because one of my own is effected, but its starts anyway.

SO you see, you are right, I can’t protect them from everything, but I will die trying.

Shouold gays have the right to marry? No, and I dont believe in civil marriages or marriage liscenses by the way, it’s a church issue, for each church to decide, the Catholic church shouldn’t do the weddings you are against. Be carefull of the way you use the term normal. If we use that as a criteria to lock up people you could have that term backfire on you and you be marginalized.With normal interpeted in it’s dictionary definition. My parents could be put in the loony bin for making us Pawloski kids have pear juice in the koolaid at the dinner table, while I didn’t like it and it wasn’t normal because none of the other kids I grewup around didn’t go through that, I don’t think anyone is saying the white rubber room is in order for that. You and I have two different arears of focus. Your is not wanting your kids indoctrinated, which I personally don’t blame you for, but I’m not overly worried about. Mine is we seem to be turning out of the school system people who don’t know much more than their jobs, and in some cases whats on tv, and in cases of culturally more sheltered type of people what their preacher says no matter what denomination they belong to. I’m worried about a generation of people who can’t think for themselves anymore. The reason us Pawloski kids turned out like we did despite all the sheltering in the world and thensome is because we are fiercely independent thinkers, to one degree or another. Some kids like us dodn’t need help thinking independently while other children do. It seems like in this day and age most do. That alarms me very much!

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