Days After Orlando Attack, House GOP Blocks Vote on Gay-Rights Amendment


Yeah… this isn’t gonna come across well. The GOP may really make itself hated with this one.


When the Charleston church was attacked, where was the bill offering help
to those families of the victims? Or do they not matter cause they didn’t carry rainbow flags?


Well, considering that the proposal in question would have ensured that federal contractors wouldn’t be able to discriminate against employees on the basis of serial orientation, and considering that federal contractors are already prohibited from discriminating against employees on the basis of religion, what on earth are you talking about?


I agree.

Just because many gay people were killed in a act of violence, does not mean that their lifestyle is suddenly acceptable and OK, It is still an abomination to God himself.

I fear many people are feeling the pressure about this issue now though, they do not want to make anyone think they are insensitive to what happened, but they also do not want to deny their faith, so they are stuck in the middle so to speak.

These kinds of things are EXACTLY the type of things the enemy is good at using though, He is most certainly not going to throw things our way that are clearly ‘black and white’ (evil or good/ moral/ immoral, etc), they will be ‘gray’, cause much debate, controversy.


I agree with this. If anything, now is the time to double-down on church teachings against homosexuality due to the current atmosphere. We can still show compassion towards the victims of this attack and speak out against homosexual acts and the gay agenda that is being forced upon our society. If some people don’t accept that as a possibility, then so be it.


You are right, and it would be no different that all those people that want to talk about the gun issue now as a result of this, its the same thing, they are wanting to address something they feel is wrong and contributed to the death…well, its a great time for christians to do the same thing…speak out loudly about how sinful homosexual behavior is.

What if this was a warning from God as a result of the recent SSM law…We cannot know for sure?

Im going to my parish tomorrow to help set up for the annual festival, Im going to ask our senior priest about maybe discussing homosexuality this week at mass.


I do think there is some conflation going on in the media between the terrible shootings im Orlando and people who have a view of homosexuality outside the enforced pc religious view.

But then this is what the media do. We all know it.




I’m with you.


Well seeing how this bill would have just made it so that homosexuals can’t be discriminated against due to their sexuality, I don’t see what any of that has to do with anything.

I feel that some of you are overly aggressive towards the LGBT people. Do you get this angry towards people practicing a different religion?


Perhaps in our zeal to stand against homosexuals, we should be as zealous in our passion against those who promote divorce, invalid remarriage, heterosexuals living together without benefit of marriage, adultery, coveting their neighbors’ wives or goods, etc. Anyone engaging in such behavior should live in fear of losing their job, not because they are incompetent, but because of their immoral behavior outside their job.


In all fairness, the “GOP” didn’t have divine foreknowledge; this was probably in the works well before Orlando.

This is the usual journalistic trick; couple a fairly neutral issue with an emotive one to paint someone in a bad light. “Days after X died tragically from an illegal abortion, Pope Y reaffirmed the Church’s opposition to abortion”, and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving on. :slight_smile:


Can’t figure it out whether Trump is killing the GOP, or whether the GOP is killing itself…it’s gonna be an ugly November for the once noble party.


Jesus was hated too…


The Bishop of Orlando said that a number of the people there were devout, practicing Catholics.

He said while the club was a gay club, it was Latin Night and many Latins (gay & straight) go to listen to Latin music.

He already knew of a few deaths who were straight.

Point is, this was a TERROR attack against the United States. Not against just gays.

Let’s also remember that Islamic Terrorists sometimes like to hit two targets with one blast.

I read once that one of the reasons why the terrorists focused on NYC was because of the number of Jews in NYC. It was “icing on the cake” for the terrorists.

I’m sure that the gay night club was just “icing on the cake” for this terrorist too.

Point is, he was focused on creating terror, turning this into a gay rights or gun control issue takes away from the focus which should be fighting the terrorists.


Absolutely…liberals will use this to support their political ideology as we have already seen in some of the comments as they place more importance on their political ideology than on the teachings of Jesus. We, as orthodox Catholics listen to St. Paul…

So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.


Maybe if you started following Jesus instead of politics you would figure out that liberals are killing ‘us’…


The gay agenda is absolutely corrupting and ruining society. One should be angry. It is a different world than it was 50 years ago thanks to them. Conceivably there is no going back except with some kind of natural disaster to wake people up.


(I can’t see the content at the link so I’ve no idea what the substance or tone of the politicians concerned on this occasion was. The supposed term “gay rights amendment” doesn’t tell us anything.)

  • the faith of Jesus and the Apostles calls believers to live chastely

  • some powerful institutions are over-promoting sexuality of all kinds. They are violating respect for the young and for the private forum. These institutions should be asked to respect.

  • really, homosexual and same-sex sexual actions don’t need to be promoted. Anyone who wishes to involve themselves has got as much rights as everybody else already and we should not be advocating any changes to that.

These points should not be forgotten and should be held up as our reference points.

Even three years ago, I think, my views as enumerated above would have struck quite a lot of people as middle of the road. My tone has never been hostile to anybody. I’ve always been pro everybody.

My friend’s nine-year old is said to be gay. Agents provocateurs are said to be gay “necessitating” a separate law applying to their caste.


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