Days of Obligation while abroad

I might wind up studying abroad in Britain, and I was wondering about Holy Days of Obligation as well as abstaining from meat. I know that the UK has a different set of Days of Obligation as the US, and that they abstain every Friday, not just during Lent. Being from the US am I not bound by these or am I bound by these temporarily by being in the UK? I don’t care either way, I was just wondering for in general

Here’s a link to Fr. Z’s blog that discusses this issue in depth:

So would that be a “Yes, I’m held to the same obligations as the Brits” on grounds of it being universal law, but with local exceptions?

You interpret the law as requiring the least obligation. However, studying abroad makes you a temporary resident, not a traveler so do as the Brits do.

The rule is that you are supposed to obey the rules of the place where you live. If you are not sure - ask
If you make a mistake odn’t worry about it
God sees the heart

I live in the UK. Go on to the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales (catholic bishops-ew) to find out more. Abstaining on Fridays or not isn’t a matter of mortal sin, by the way. This was clearly spelt out in the press release at the time.

I hope you get where you want - where are you applying, if that isn’t too personal?

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